Chapter 21: The End

It was a dark night. Jacob was weaving under the broken statue. The sound of the loom always reminded him of his mother, who would always sing while weaving. As wind blew in from the open ceiling and made a humming, it mixed with the sound of ocean waves like a song. He could almost feel her presence again.

“Evening.” Samuel suddenly showed up.

“Evening.” Jacob hated to be interrupted like that. The mother’s presence had gone. “Are you here to kill me?”

“No, not yet.” Samuel said, “Though I really want to do that now.”

“Then what can I help you?”

“I am here to ask you to change your mind.”

“Change what mind?”

“Tomorrow you are going to make Richard turn on the toxic gas in the Tempest station. I hope you will not really do that.”

“Why not?” Jacob was mildly surprised, “Aren’t you the one who likes to kill people?”

“Yes, I am.” Samuel admitted, “I used to kill them all, but now I will judge them first. If the person admits his crime and repents his sin, I will let him go. But tomorrow you are going to slaughter them all. Most of them are innocent.”

“There is no such thing as innocent here. This island is not a church, or a supreme court. The moment they stepped into the island, they are doomed. If none of them is fit to be a candidate, then they should be all dead.” Jacob said with a smile.

“Don’t you feel bad at all, killing people indiscriminately?” Samuel frown, “The island will not permit it.”

“Ha! You still don’t know? The island was trapped by those DI guys a few years ago.” Jacob said with a deep smile, “I can do anything I want now.”

“Including killing over a hundred men, women and children?”

“Actually they brought it to themselves. They are going to announce to the world about their discoveries in the island. The secrets of the island will be revealed to everyone on earth. Of course I won’t allow that from happening.”

“But they are going to just publish some scientific papers, they won’t tell our location.”

“How many years did you live on Earth? Why you are still so naïve? Once the papers are out, DI will not be a secret anymore. Governments will trace their activities to find us. Do you really want them to send their whole army to find us and destroy us?”

“Then we stop them from publishing the paperwork. We don’t need to kill them all.” Samuel said.

“Stop a scientist from publishing his lifetime discoveries? You must be joking. They would rather die. Anyway, it’s too late now. The plan is all set. They already accomplished their use in the island, which was to find out the secrets of the island. Hell! They even outdid themselves by putting the island in captivity. Now it’s time to wipe them out, just like you did many times before.”

Samuel looked at his former brother and realized how much he had changed. Is there a way to turn him back to the little boy who will never kill a bee? He wondered.

“How about the Swan Station?” he finally asked, “Without those guys the island would escape.”

“It’s not entirely true.” Jacob said with confident, “They only need one person to operate that station. So every ten years, I will bring someone from outside to take over the job. It will be enough for a long time. Plus, after building up my empire in the outside world, I will have as much resource as I need to keep that station running, and the island will spend the rest of his life inside there. Maybe it will be another million years, who knows?”

After a long while, Samuel said: “You know what.” He shook his head, “Sometimes I really don’t understand why some people still think of you as the good guy.”

“Well, because in this world, black and white are not as obvious as they appear.”



September 22nd, 2004.

The island had been trapped in the Swan Station for 24 years.

He saved his energy as much as possible, because the connection between him and the heart was cut off by a time-space shield Amy created. He was nothing but a group of concentrated energy, like a highly evolved soul. If he lost all the energy of this group, he would die, and the whole island would be like a brain-dead patient, someone whose heart still beat but the soul was lost.

Somehow Amy had activated the Tisillium atoms on the surface of that 1-mile empty sphere. She made them absorb any energy inside the globe. Therefore, every time he tried to escape by using his energy, the Tisillium around him would absorb it immediately, thus the attempt always failed. He was afraid that he would lose all the energy, so after a few tries he just stopped struggling.

Where is Jacob? During the long time of being a prisoner, he kept wondering. He is my protector. If my life is in danger, he should have used every possible way to rescue me. Then he drew a conclusion, Jacob must have done that already but failed. He and his fellow villagers must have wage a war against DI. They fought bravely fearlessly against the enemy, but every single one of them was mowed down in front of new weapon that wicked woman developed.

He was sad. If I were not contained in this cell, I could have been outside and protected the villagers from being slaughtered. Now Jacob and his followers must be all dead. It is my fault. Once I am outside, I will find their souls and give each of them a good next life.

That day he found a chance to escape. He took it.

For a moment the Tisillium was not absorbing his energy, he managed to gather a strong Electric-Magnetic field to counter the one Amy imposed on him. Just a little bit more energy, then he could create a tiny worm hole to pass himself through it.

Just in that critical moment, the Tisillium was activated again, instantly absorb his own EM field and the worm hole he didn’t finish. Amy’s EM field overpowered him and constricted him in the center. His attempt failed miserably, losing half of his remaining energy. Only then he really understood the meaning of “half-life”.

Little that he knew, his prison break resulted in a worm-hole opening near a airplane not far away, and broke the poor thing into half.


November 27, 2004.

Jacob was angry.

Charles Widmore declared independence on him. His Widmore Global Energy Corporation had become a 10 billion dollar business, all because of the gifts he gave him and his wife a long time ago. Jacob even asked the island a special favor of lengthening their lives for 10 years. How dare he disobey my order now! I only ask him to help me become the President of the United States! That bastard must pay for his dishonesty and disloyalty.

Just when he was planning on how to bankrupt Widmore Global, a strong flash blinded him. After he gained back his eyesight, he saw the sky was purple.

“What the hell is going on?” He wondered, “Why I didn’t see this in my vision?” He still didn’t know that the Swan Station was imploded by Desmond turning on the self-destruction switch.

A familiar voice came out from his back and made him jump like a cat being stepped on his tail.

“Hello, Jacob. Long time no see.” It was the island.

“Oh, master…” He was too surprised to say anything else.

“It has been 24 years, right?” The island said, “I thought you were dead a long time ago when trying to rescue me. Now isn’t that a big surprise?” He approached him and looked him at the eyes in a strange way.

“Master… I … I …” Jacob was trembling with fear. He knew that his master was inspecting his soul. He couldn’t hide any secrets from him. It was all over.

“It’s really interesting that you never even tried to rescue me.” The island shook his head slowly, “Any your soul grew so dark.”

Jacob knelt down immediately, “Please, master. For the sake of my service of 1000 years, please don’t kill me.”

“I won’t kill you.” The island said.

Just when Jacob felt a little relief, he heard the island continued, “But someone else will, very soon.”

“You can’t do this to me!” Jacob exclaimed, “I had served you for such a long time!”

“You did this to yourself, Jacob.” The island said, “I can forgive you for not rescuing me, but I cannot stand your dark soul. How many innocent people have you killed? Uh? Over a hundred, or more?”

“They all deserved to die.” Jacob tried to defend himself, “They were not supposed to step in this island at the first place.”

“How did they find the island?”

Jacob replied, “You can ask them yourself.” He was thinking since the DI guys were all dead, nobody would tell.

“I don’t have to ask. You brought them here.” The island said, “Still trying to prove me wrong (that you don’t deserve to die)? Aren’t you?”

“You are wrong.”

“Am I? I know they come; they fight; they destroy, but they shouldn’t have ended that way (all dead by toxic gas). Do you have any idea how badly I wanna kill you right here, right now?”

“Yes … Master …” Jacob couldn’t say anything more. He bowed down his head on the ground, trembling like a leaf under autumn wind.

“One of these days, very soon, someone will come up to you with a knife.” The island said, “And you would do nothing, say nothing but three words ‘what about you’.”

“What about you?” Jacob didn’t understand, “What does that mean? What about me, master, what about me?”

Island silently watched him with a profound pity.


Everything happened in the island, happened for a reason.

While holding Ben’s neck, Alex said: “Listen to me, you bastard! I know that you’re already planning to kill John again, and I want you to know that if you so much as touch him, I will hunt you down and destroy you. You will listen to every word John Locke says, and you will follow his every order. Do you understand?”

Ben: “Yes, I will. I’ll follow him.” He whimpered.

The island let go of Ben and disappeared.

Samuel threw away the white stone. “It’s an inside joke.” He said.

“That was how Jacob ran things.” Ben said, “There might be a better way.”

“You are a great number one” Ben said.

“You are a great number two.” Hurley replied.

They both smiled.

The End.


May 29th, 2010. New York City.

Philip Wang had been the loyal “Lost” fans for 6 years. He enjoyed almost every episode. They taught him a lot of things. The show made him laugh, made him cry, and made him think. That night was the finale of the whole show. He couldn’t wait any longer.

It was a very touching ending, not bad, but unsatisfactory. There were still so many questions that were not answered. A lot of things were left out. He was frustrated.

For two days he kept thinking about the final episodes, thinking about how they should have been. In the end, he suddenly realized, it was up to himself to interpret the whole thing.

In the past, Philip had written some Chinese Sci-Fi novels, some travel journals, but he never tried an English Sci-Fi novel with such a large scale. He didn’t know if he could really do the job.

Fortunately, the previous experience of writing really helped. He started to write whatever that came to his mind. He didn’t care about grammar or the correct way to say things. All he was thinking about was how to tell the story, match the timelines and answer the questions.

In the process, he found himself more and more attached to the writing, cared more about the characters, and the stories came out one after another almost naturally. Sometimes he didn’t even need to change much. It was a big surprise to him. Like suddenly he discovered that he had a gift, a talent that he never realized he possessed. He stayed in Starbuck for long hours, and wrote the stories day and night. He would cry and laugh with the characters. The writing was as rewarding as watching the show itself.

His mother was not happy with him though. She would ask, “When are you gonna finish the novel? You clients are waiting for you to fix their computers.”

“Two more days, mom. It will finish in two more days.” He said, while typing like crazy in front of the notebook.

“I don’t really understand you. Why you suddenly became a writer and typing all the time?” She said, “You need to go out and earn some money for the rent. Nothing is more important than that.”

“I know, mom.” Philip said, “But somehow I felt that this is the most important thing I have ever done in my life, just like Desmond pushing buttons.”

“Desmond who?”

“Never mind.”

“Are you going to send this novel to publishers?” His mom asked, “Maybe you can sell it.”

“Sorry, but it has too many copyright infringement. I cannot sell it for money.” He said, “But if some publisher like the way I write novels, he can sign a contract with me, so I can get some profit for the next book.”

“So you are writing this book for free?”

“Yes, mom. It’s all free. They can distribute this novel as long as they don’t steal the content for something else.”

“I don’t really understand it. You have 5 customers waiting for you to fix their problems and giving you some money, and you delay them all, just to write a book for free?”

“Yes, mom, because it was absolutely the right thing to do.” Philip said it with confidence, “It was all worth it.”

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