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Chapter 16: How Paul Died.

Olivia Goodspeed was an attractive blond girl. Everyone in the DI had to admit that. The first day she arrived at the island, she already got three love letters and ten bunches of flowers from her secret admirers. She threw all those away.

Every time a young boy tried to initiate some flirting with her, she walked away and left him deeply embarrassed. No one in the island was good enough for her, except one, but that one was unavailable.

His name was Paul.

She didn’t know why out of so many handsome young men on the island, she only loved him. Maybe it was just because he never took her seriously, or maybe he was already married.

This secret love tortured her. She tried her best not to show any sights. But it seemed everyone knew about it, and when they looked at her, she felt the sympathy, which made her even crazier.

“I don’t need your pity. I will forget about Paul and love someone else. You will all see.” She said to herself. However, it was hard not think about him every day, especially when he was around all the time. She would be melted by his sound of “Hello” and “Goodbye”. She would fantasize about one day, he and she would go to the mountain top, enjoying a formal picnic, just two of them.

One day she finally found an alternative candidate. He’s as handsome as Paul. He also had a leader’s quality, and his gentle voice made her high too.

His name is Richard Alpert.

It was easy for them to meet each other. From time to time, Richard would come and tell her where to find some dead bodies, which was killed by the monster or some unbelievably bad luck. They both spoke Latin, and both loved history and poems. So there had been a lot to talk about, after the bad news was delivered.

She was surprised to find out that Richard had a very kind heart. He could communicate with all the animals on the island, and he would protect the weak ones from their predators. He noticed all the little things that Olivia had missed, and he knew about her feelings more than any DI boys did. She found that gradually she fell in love again.

However, it was too bad that Richard never said he liked her. He never talked about his marriage, or the secrets of the island. From the conversations, Olivia could guess that Richard was much older than her, or even older than her grand, grandparents. How could he stay so young after all those years? She always wondered. It made him more mysterious than ever. It was a fatal attraction to her.

Richard seemed very interested in talking to her too. He asked all kind of question about her life, her previous work as a UN translator, and the world that was outside of the island. It seemed that every little thing she said fascinated him. He was the best listener she ever had.

She was so glad that finally she had someone to love and be loved. There was no more pity or sympathy around her, all she saw was sunshine and rainbows everywhere. She knew DI boys said things behind her back, but she didn’t care at all.

One day Paul found her and told her, “Olivia. We all know what you have been doing. You cannot go on like this anymore.”

“What are you talking about? Paul?” She was surprised to find herself peaceful with Paul’s presence. No more sweating or butterflies in the stomach. It seemed that her love with Paul was officially over.

“You know what I am talking about.” Paul said, “You and Richard. It’s not right to go behind our back like that. After all, I am the head of security. I have to make sure you won’t be compromised by him.”

“Since when did you care about my personal life?” Olivia started to get angry. You idiot, you could have had me, the beautiful smart blondie, instead of the cunning pale Amy. Now you want to interfere in my love life?!

“I am sorry, Olivia. I really don’t want to get in your way, but it’s a matter of security of DI. It involves everyone’s safety in the base. I simply cannot let you continue like this. It’s obvious that Richard is using you to get some inside information.”

“You mean once I fall in love with him, I will be a snitch? Rat everything out? You disgust me, Paul! Unlike what you think, I am not stupid. I know what to say and what not to. Now if you excuse me...”

It was Paul’s turn of sweating, “Olivia, please. I don’t mean like that. We all know you are a smart lady, but we just don’t want anything that might happen to you. It’s always a bad idea to fall in love with an enemy...”

“Hahaha...” Olivia laugh, “You think this is ‘Romeo and Juliet’?” She looked at him, feeling her love toward him was no more, now he appeared to be ugly. “Then who should I fall in love with? You?”

Paul didn’t seem to understand the strong sarcasm, “Olivia. You have so many admirers in the base. You can have anyone you want. For example, Horace, he is a good man.”

“Horace?” Olivia almost had to laugh again. He liked your wife, you idiot! You still don’t know?

“Yeah, he mentioned you a lot of times. And Stuart, he likes you, too.”

Ewilll, that ugly geek! She had to doubt, does this man really understand girls? Why did I fall for such a stupid guy?

“Olivia, just think about it, OK?” Paul was almost begging.

“You know what?” Olivia couldn’t hold it to herself anymore, “I think you are jealous.”

“What? No, no, no!” Paul suddenly found himself in a corner.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah! you are jealous of me and him. Originally you could have me, all of me, anything you want, but you never took a chance. Now you see me going out with him, and you feel a lot of jealousy. So you are here to tell me not to hang out with him, not because he is an enemy, but because of me. Am I right?”

Paul had a headache with this overly smart woman. He didn’t even know how to begin to rebuke. The silence convinced Olivia that her guess was 100 percent correct.

“See? Now you admit it. It’s too late, Paul. Oh, please don’t cry, Paul. I am with him, but we are still friends, right?”

Paul had to say something, “Wait a minute, lady, who do you think you are? Plus, I am not crying.”

“Oh, yeah, like I will believe you.” Olivia left with a big smile in her face, like she just won a battle.

Paul didn’t move. After a long while, he let out a long long sigh and said:



It was a very lovely morning on top of the mountain. However, something bad was about to happen.

There were a handsome man and a pretty lady sitting on a picnic cloth with wine and fruit on the side. They talked pleasantly for a while, then the conversation gradually went bad.

“I am sorry, Olivia.” Richard said, “But I don’t love you.”

“What?!” Olivia felt the world was crumbling down. She almost fainted at the cruel words. How could he possibly say that?

Richard held her arm and let her lying on the picnic cloth, “I am very sorry. I still love my wife, and I know she’s always around somewhere. So I cannot love you.”

“But why?” Lying on the cloth, Olivia suddenly lost a lot of strength, “Why did you talk to me so much? Why did you ask me so many questions about my life?”

“I don’t get out much. I’m always wondering what the world outside looks like. You are the only one who I can really talk to in the whole DI.”

“But how about the ways you care about me? The things that you said you only told me?”

“I am a gentleman, and you are a fine lady. That’s the courtesy I should have shown.”

Olivia felt the sky getting really dark, “MY .... GOOOSH. For all the time, it was only me. Oh, my god! It was only me! What have I done?”

“What?” Richard said.

Desperately, she found a new hope, “What about this picnic? Why you invited me to the mountain top, and share the wine with me? Huh? Do you know that it is always my dream to do something like this?” Paul’s face flashed over her mind, painfully.

“Uh... It just seems like a good idea.” Richard replied, “But now I think I’d better go.” He stood up.

“Please don’t ...” Olivia tried to get up and grabbed his arm, “Give me a chance. I love you! Please...”

Richard swung his arm. Olivia grabbed only the air and lost her balance. She fell to the ground and kept rolling down the slope for another 50 feet.

All the lights went out. Olivia lost her consciousness.


When she woke up, Richard was long gone. All he left was pain everywhere. She cried so hard that she never thought it could be possible.

Sitting up, still trembling like a small tree under the winter blizzard, she used her walkie-talkie.

“Olivia, what is going on?” Paul asked anxiously.

“Just ... come ....” Olivia lost her words in tears.

Twenty minutes later, Paul was there. He saw an Olivia that he had never seen before. Her hair was a mess; her face was a mess; her clothes were also a mess. He was furious right away.

“Did he rape you?” he asked, “Richard. Did he rape you?”

Olivia just jumped into his arms and cried.

“OK, OK. It’s alright, big girl. We will take care of you.” Paul said it very softly. Then he motioned a man to come, “Horace here will escort you back to the base. Everything will be alright, I promise, OK?”

Olivia didn’t say a thing. She just kept weeping and crying. Horace helped her into a jeep, then he drove back.

“SOB!” Paul sworn, “I knew the freaking bastard was playing her. Now he dared to rape her and leave her here to die?! I will personally make him pay!” He took out the walkie-talkie and dialed to another frequency.


One hour later, two men showed up with guns. They searched around first, seeing no one else is there, and they relaxed.

The first one came up and said, “Paul, go back, you are in our territory. I can just kill you without questioning. You know that.”

“How dare you say something like this?” Paul’s eyes were bulging, “Are you seriously thinking that Richard can commit this horrible crime and get away with it?”

“What are you talking about, Paul?” They both had no idea.

“I am talking about Richard RAPING Olivia.”

“Richard?” first one repeated it doubtfully, “Raping?” the other follow, “Olivia?” Their faces both turned very strange.

“Ha ha ha ha....” They both laughed out loud.

“What’s so FUUCKING funny?!” Paul almost exploded. “I swear to you, he is gonna pay for this!!”

One of the two said, “There is no way Richard will do that. I think the other way around is more possible. She is so attached to him. There is no way we can drive her away...”

It was too much to bear. Paul jumped ahead and knocked the man in the face, very hard.

PANG!! A gun shot was fired, and a woman was screaming. “No, no, no!!”

Amy appeared from nowhere and rushed to rescue Paul.

“Why you protect the bitch so much? I hated you!” She cried, then she changed, “No, no. I am sorry. I love you. I love you so much! Please wake up for me, please!” She held her husband tight. She felt his body temperature was sinking, so did her heart.

Paul knew he did a stupid thing. He gathered up all of his remaining strength, trying to kiss her cheek, then he died.

“Oh, no! Oh, no!” Amy felt ultimately lost. All in a sudden the whole world meant nothing to her. Dark, cold, sorrow and emptiness filled up her heart. She felt a pinching pain that piercing all over her body. A pain that she only felt when she lost her parents came back even stronger. It torn her into pieces and drained her all the strengths.

All she could do was keep calling him, “Paul, Paul, talk to me! Talk to me, Paul!” But it was already too late.

The two men seemed not touched by the misery a bit. Over the years, they had watched way too many deaths. Those emotions already meant nothing to them. Instead, since they already began killing, why not just finished it? Their ghosts would meet each other again in the jungle. Killing her was more like doing her a big favor. So they put a mask on her face, and prepared to shoot her as well.

Suddenly a deep male voice came out of nowhere, “Alright, drop the gun!”

Those two men turned violently toward the source of the sound. They both raised the rifle, but before they could aim. They were both shot by some ones they had never met.

Their names were Sawyer and Juliet.


“Is Amy alright?” Dr. Chang asked.

Horace shook his head slowly. Amy was in a deep sorrow. He felt a strong responsibility to protect her.

“What happened today? Why Richard came and took Paul’s body?”

“He claimed that we killed two of them, but it turned out that Mr. LeFeur was the killer.”

“Who the hell is Mr. LeFeur?”

Horace thought about it, and said, “I am not sure who he is, or where he is from. I just know he have been lying ever since he woke up. He is a damn good liar, though. I give him that.”

“Is he one of them?”

“No, it’s true that he killed both of those hostiles. So he is not on their side.”

Dr. Chang nodded his head. Horace was well trained by Paul. No wonder he was the number two in security. It was too bad that Paul passed away like that. Now the position was empty. “Horace, now I promote you to the head of security. You have to do a good job, and don’t involve in ladies’ business like Paul did. It’s a shame we lost him over a love drama.”

“I am sorry, chief. I cannot do that either.” Horace replied calmly, “I will only do the job part-time. I cannot spend a whole day running around and training rookies like Paul did.”

Dr. Chang was mildly surprised, “You are the one who’s always want to get Paul’s job. Now you are telling me that you don’t want it. Why?”

“I will do the job, but I can only work part time.” Horace said, “There is someone I need to take care of. I don’t want to make the same mistake like Paul did.”

“I see.” Dr. Chang now understood, “Amy. She’s lucky to have you.”

“I don’t see it that way, Sir.” Horace said, “I think I am the lucky one.”

“So how do we solve the problem, Horace? Can you recommend someone to me? A man that’s tough enough like you?”

“Uh...” Horace considered it for a while, then said, “Forgive me for being too blunt.”

“That’s alright.”

“Our new recruits are all bunch of boy scouts. They are all chickens. None of them can really do the job. The tough and bad guys all died either by the accidents, or killed by the monster. So we got no one.”

“There you go. You are the only one who is qualified. So please ...”

“Doctor.” Horace interrupted him, “There is still somebody who is fully qualified.”

“You just said we got no one...”

“Mr. LeFleur.”

“Are you kidding me? The cold-blooded killer? Oh, I get your point.” Dr. Chang now started to admire Horace’s smartness.

“Yup. He is definitely not on their side. He’s very clever and good at firearms. He also got a small team, which everyone respects him and trust him as a leader. If we can use them all, they will be great help for us.”

“But can you really trust them?”

Horace thought about it over, “I will be the one who’s looking behind their back. If any of them make a move, I will remove them immediately.”

“You are the man.” Dr. Chang had to agree.


“Rosie, how is Amy?” Horace asked.

Nurse Rosie walked out, wiped her tears, shook her head and left.

Horace entered Amy’s house. First thing he noticed was that the whole house was a big mess. Stuff was all over the place. Broken glasses and furniture were everywhere. A strong alcohol smell filled the air. It made his heart twinge.

Amy was lying on her bed. Hugging her husband’s photo frame, and murmuring something. Her pale face and dark eyes made her looked like an overdosed junkie.

“Hi, Amy.” Horace got close and showed her a bunch of flowers, “This is for you.”

She didn’t even notice Horace’s existence. All she was doing was looking straight and murmuring something.

Horace found an unbroken vase and put the flowers in. He asked carefully, “What are you saying, Amy? Can you share it?”

No reply from her. She acted more like a wooden doll in a circus.

Horace frowned with his heart wrenching. The house was once such a clean and neat place; she was once such a lovely and bright woman. Now this!

“I am going to take care of you, OK? Amy, listen to me. I am going to take care of you. You hear me?”

“Paul?” Amy suddenly became active, she gazed at the ceiling, “Is that you?”

Horace felt the pain unbearable. He got a strong heart, but that was too difficult, even for him. “Amy, it’s me, Horace. Paul is not here.”

Amy just ignored him, “Paul, I know you are around. Come out, I want to see you, please come out.” She looked around, then for the first time she saw Horace. She suddenly turned into a volcano, “What the hell are you doing here? Get out!”

“I am sorry, Amy, but ...”Horace wanted to explain, but he was pushed fiercely by Amy. Before he could utter another word, Amy yelled at his face, “I SAID ‘GET OUT’!!!” Then she slammed the door in his face.

Through the door, Horace could still hear Amy talking to her imaginary husband incessantly. She broke a vase, then she screamed, something else was fallen and made a huge thud.

He sat down at the porch and started weeping. In the history of DI, it was the first time people ever saw him crying. It was also the last time.


3 months later, in the Orchid Station secret laboratory.

“Oh, MY GOD!” Dr. Chang almost jumped when he suddenly saw Amy standing right next to him. She looked exactly like a ghost: long hair, black eyes, pale faces and white sleeping gown.

“Oh, you scare me...” Dr. Chang let out a long breath before he went on, “What are you doing in the Orchid Station? Horace said you are still not fit for work.”

“It is been three months already.” Amy spoke like a zombie, “I need to work.”

“It’s perfectly alright that you take more time off. We are all covered here. There is nothing to worry about.” Dr. Chang tried his best not to offend her in anyway.

“Really?” Amy doubted, “I don’t see it this way.”


“How is the progress of the digging?”

“Uh...”Dr. Chang felt very strange, it was like all in a sudden she became his supervisor, “Though it was freezing cold down below, all the drills melted in a certain depth. So we stop drilling.”

“I know. That was four months ago. Did you take any sample up since then?”

“Of course we did. And we found some interesting material there.”

“Show me.”

“Maybe we should wait....”


“Alright, alright. You are the ‘man’.” Dr. Chang complied with reluctance. Women, he thought, are always trouble.

“Here you go.” He handed over some photos, “After magnifying it 5 million times, we saw some special materials here. It can be activated by certain electromagnetic power, but we still don’t know how it works.”

Amy took the photos and inspected it carefully with each single pixel. It was almost like the good old scientist Amy was back to the lab.

“Interesting material.” She agreed, “What did the Gemologist say?”

“She said she never saw anything like that. She has no idea how to classify it.”

“That’s not a surprise. She knew nothing about microscopic material structure science (or we call ‘Nano Technology’ as today). There will be a dead end from her.”

Is this really she? Dr. Chang wondered. The Amy he knew never criticized anyone. She surely changed a lot after the tragedy.

“Alright. That’s it. I am taking over.” Amy said it with ultimate authorization, “Give me the samples. I will do some test myself.”

“Amy, I really hope that you can ...”

“Give me the sample. Dr. Chang. I am the one who got you all here. I am sure I have the right to do some research on my own.” Her sound was cold like steel.

Dr. Chang’s headache was back. Before he had a miserable grieving Amy, now he got a Nazi Dictator Amy. Both of them were intolerable.

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