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Chapter 15: Princess Jeanette (Part 2)

2 months later. Dharma Initiative, Orchid Station.

“What are you gonna do?” Lara Chang asked.

Jeanette shook her head, “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

Lara pulled a chair and let Jeanette sit down, and pour some hot tea for her.

Jeanette felt a little better. When she set eyes at the pregnancy test result, her tears came out again.

“So you are sure the father is that hostile guy, right?” Lara asked.

She nodded slowly.

“Then it’s a little bit complicated.” Lara started to analyze the situation for her, “We won’t accept a hostile guy in DI because he could be a spy, plus he is such a big guy, we will be all threatened by him.”

She nodded slowly.

“On the other hand, if you bring your baby to their side, they will also suspect your motive. You and your baby will always live under their distrust. Their primitive life style will be hard for you and your baby too. So going to the other side is also not a good idea.”

She nodded slowly.

“Therefore, the best option is going back to England, where your baby can get the best education. Your loyal family will feel shame in the beginning, but after one year or two they will forgive you, and your life will be normal again.”

She nodded slowly.

“Are you listening to me? Jeanette, hey, Jeanette!”

“What?” She looked at Lara with confusion, “What did you just say?”

“I said the best option is to go back to England.”

“No, I can’t. I would be crucified by my family and the press. I would be the shame of the family forever. My child will be a laughing stock among all my cousins. It will be horrible. Plus, if I leave this island, then I will never see him again, and he will never see his child either.” Jeanette murmured, “He is a good man, you know, he truly loves me with his heart. He doesn’t deserve this.”

“Then you have the last option. You stay here with your child. We can take care of his or her education while you help me out in the lab. However, you and your child will take a lot more risk, because, you know, recently there were a lot of accidents happened. People kept dying here for no reason.”

“I know.” Jeanette said, “I’ll stay. I’ll take my chances.”


It was a breezing early morning. Ryan came to a cave with some bread and water. He knocked at the stone wall and said, “Knock, knock.”

“Come in, my friend.” A weak voice acknowledged.

He walked in and gave the bread and water to a man who lay on a stone bench, “Good morning. Dr. DeGroot.”

Gerald looked like a dead man. He was pale, thin and weak. Slowly he sat up and started eating.

Ryan eagerly waited for him to finish, and he asked, “Dr. DeGroot. What story do you have today?”

Gerald finished drinking the water and answered, “It’s a story about a girl called Cinderella. You can tell your friends to come in too. It was just a fairy tale.”

Ryan shouted to outside, “Come in, guys. He said it’s ok.”

One after another, about 20 men and children filed in. They found their places to sit down and got ready to listen. Previously it was only the privilege of Ryan’s, but after he repeated the stories to them by memory, more and more people wanted to hear them first-handed.

Gerald started, “Once upon a time, there was a girl who called Cinderella. She got a step-mother and two step-sisters…”

“What is a step-mother?” Someone asked, but was hushed down. Everyone was listening to Gerald with full attention. Nobody wanted the story to be interrupted.

“I will explain that later. Now back to the story. The step-mother and step-sisters treated Cinderella like a slave. She needed to do chores day and night …”

The story continued. The cave was very quiet, except the voice of Gerald’s.

After the story, the sun had risen. Ryan walked toward his second destination of the day.

Richard stopped him in the way. He said, “Ryan, it’s not good for you to continue like this.”

“Continue like what? I don’t see anything wrong.”

“It has been six months, and you still go there every morning and talk to the air. Are you out of your mind?”

“Richard. Listen to me.” Ryan said, “I already got use to it. If I don’t go there I will be really out of my mind.”

“Jacob doesn’t want you to do it anymore. He said six months is too long already. Forget about her. She doesn’t even have a good soul.”

“Let me be the judge of that.” Ryan said, “Now if you excuse me.”

Richard shook his head while Ryan passed him.

The outside of the slave ship “Black Rock” was decorated by butterflies, more than a hundred of them. They had different color and size. Each one reflects its vivid color as the early sunlight touched it. They formed an incredibly beautiful mosaic. Watching it afar you would have thought that was a flower stand.

Ryan arrived at the scene, as he did every morning. Carefully he took out a new butterfly and pinned it to an empty space of the wood. It was the big blue butterfly, the same kind he saw her catching that day. Looking at it made him missed her more.

“This morning Dr. DeGroot told me a new story. It was about Cinderella.” He started talking to the butterflies. “In that story, Cinderella married a prince and lived happy-ever-after. You see? She is not a princess, yet she could marry a prince and live a happy life. I think we can do the same. I am not a prince, but I wanted to marry you. It doesn’t matter that you are a princess or anything. We can live happy-ever-after, too. Please believe me, and give me a chance…”

It took him about one more hour, from the fish he caught to the shooting star he saw, to tell the butterflies everything that came up in his mind. After that he just kept silent and waited.

When the Sun rose to the top, he said goodbye to the butterflies, “It’s not morning anymore. I got to go. Very nice chatting with you guys.” Then he turned around and left.

“Stop, Pryce.” A male voice came up from nowhere. Ryan Pryce looked around, all he could see were trees. For a moment he thought he had mistaken it from some other sounds, then he heard it again:

“Come here, Pryce.”

Ryan followed the voice, and finally saw Jacob among Bamboos. He was always the same look, still wearing white clothes with a charming smile.

Jacob seemed delighted to see him, “Hello, Pryce. Nice to meet you!”

Ryan asked, “Who the hell are you?”

“My name is Jacob. I believed you had heard about me.”

“Oh, that’s great!” Ryan felt he suddenly invigorated by a new hope, “Jacob, you are our Protector. It’s so good to finally see you!”

“The pleasure is all mine.” Jacob said, “I know that you had trouble with a woman recently.”

“Yes, I do. I was just thinking maybe you could help me.”

“Of course I can help you. And I got good news for you: you are a father now.”

FATHER?! It was like a lightning just stroke Ryan, rendered him paralyzed but at the same time filled with electrifying joy. He had been waiting for Jeanette to change her mind. He figured he should let her decide if she would come for him. After all, Jeanette was right, they lived very different lives. If Jeanette didn’t want to participate in his primitive way of living, he understood and he would accept it. That’s why he never went to DI to find her. He figured that he was content to talk to the butterflies and keep his own fairytale story alive. It would be enough. But now he knew he had a child, suddenly he wanted to cross the line and find Jeanette, to see his child and to be his father at all cost. The impulse was so strong that he almost left Jacob right there and ran to find Jeanette.

Jacob saw through his mind. He smiled, “My friend, I know you are really anxious to see her, but give me a minute here. I have a plan to get your wife and your child back to you.”

What other thing could possibly be better than that? Ryan was deeply touched, his God, his Protector, Jacob was taking care of him. He really listened to his prayers!

Ryan said, “Jacob, my Protector, I will do anything for you. Anything, you name it.”

“Good. Here is what I like you to do.” Jacob said, “Tonight you will go to their tents and take Jeanette in her sleep. Bring her to us, and we will treat her well.”

“But… but …”


“Almighty Jacob. You always say we should give everyone a choice. I want to give Jeanette a choice too. I don’t want to kidnap her.”

“She won’t come with you. Isn’t that obvious? Otherwise she already met you here.”

“Then it’s her choice to not be with me. I respect that.”

“How about your daughter then? You want her to live without a father? Jeanette is not a good mother. You have the right to raise her to be someone gentle and kind like you.”

Ryan considered that for a while, then said, “You got a point, but I still don’t want to kidnap her. Can you give me a chance to talk to her first?”

Jacob’s smile disappeared, “No, sorry, my friend. That’s beyond my abilities. You know that if she yells or screams, she will wake up the whole base, then you will lose the chance forever.”

“So the only way I can talk to her is to snatch her first, and ask the questions later?”

“I am afraid so.”

It was a difficult decision. Even a kind and nice man like Ryan couldn’t know which one was the right thing to do. Eventually the strong will of having the child overcame his conscience.

“Okay, I will do it.” He said, “Tell me how.”

“That’s perfect!” Jacob smiled again, “Tonight at precisely 11:45 their alarm system will all malfunction. You have 15 minutes to enter her tent, which is in the southeast corner, and take her before anyone notices. You’ll need this.” He handed him a small bottle with yellow liquid.

“What is this?”

“A strong sedative. Put one drop in her mouth and she won’t wake up until tomorrow.”

“Uh…Is it safe?”

“Safer than her kicking and yelling, plus you don’t want anything happen to the child inside her, right?”

“Right…” Ryan took the bottle with some hesitation. He was thinking, by doing that, I turned myself into a criminal. Is this really the right thing to do?

Jacob knew he was being too upright, so he added some bonus, “If you do this for me, I will add you as one of my candidates. One day you will become me, and have all my powers.”

Ryan said, “The all powerful Jacob, I couldn’t thank you enough for your kindness. It was my dream that one day I could be a protector, just like you.”

“I know. And you have become a kind and wise man yourself. You have all the qualities we need. That’s why I am offering you this now. You should take the chance.”

“But before I say ‘yes’, I need you to promise one thing.”

“What is that?”

“If Jeanette doesn’t want to stay with me, she can leave and go back to her people.”

“Yes, of course I promise you that. You know I always give people a choice.”

So just like that, a deal was made. Ryan knelt before Jacob and praised him with all the words he could think of. Jacob disappeared before he could finish his compliments.


Jeanette had a nightmare.

In her dream, polar bears caught her, torn her apart and ate her flesh piece by piece. She wanted to scream but no sound came out from her mouth. She wanted to wake up from the nightmare but she couldn’t. She saw the bears finished her body and walked toward a little girl. That girl had red hair just like her. It was her daughter! She tried all she could to warn her, but the little girl couldn’t run faster than the bear. When the girl was grabbed and a bear bit her neck, Jeanette almost went crazy. No, let me wake up! I don’t want to be here anymore! Somebody wake me up!!

“Jeanette, are you ok?” Thankfully someone did wake her up. “You are having a nightmare.”

She opened her eyes slowly. Her head was very heavy, and her throat was dry, but she still could tell the man who woke her up. It was Ryan.

“I must be still dreaming.” She said, “I guess I missed you too much.”

“No, you are not dreaming.” Ryan said, “This is real. I brought you to our village.”

“Hahaha…” She laughed, “This is a funny dream. I get it.” She tried to get up.

Ryan helped her sat straight, “No, it’s not a dream. I am here with you. It’s real. Do you know how much I missed you in the past 6 months?”

Jeanette said, “I missed you a lot too. I was always wondering what would happen if I decided to meet you in the Black Rock. I know you are there. I know you are putting up the butterflies. No wonder I had this dream now.”

Ryan felt a wave of strong emotions surging in his chest. “The dream had come true, Jeanie. Now we’re together. We can have our happy-ever-afters.”

“Hahaha…” Jeanette laughed again, “Even the way you talk is not real. What do you know about happy-ever-after?”

“Enough already. From now on you can always be with me, and I will be with you. We will never separate.”

“Good.” She was still being funny, “Then our story is much better than Romeo and Juliet.”

“Romeo and Juliet?”

“You are supposed to know it in my dream. This is not right. My lover should know every work of Shakespeare.”

“Who’s Shakespeare?”

“Wait, you don’t know Shakespeare? It didn’t feel like a dream anymore.”

“It’s not a dream.”

“Why my throat was so thirsty? I am not supposed to feel thirsty in a dream, right?”

“Again, it’s not a dream.”

She hit the stone wall next to her. Ouch! A lot of pain instantly woke her up completely.

“This is not a dream!” She stood up and looked around nervously. She could see that she was in a cave with some wood burning in the center. She was not in her tent anymore.

“Told you so.” Ryan shrugged.

“What did you do to me?” Jeanette became angry, “What the fuuck did you do to me?”

“Calm down, Jeanie.”

“Don’t fuucking ‘Jeanie’ me. I don’t know you that well.”

“But you miss me, right? You want to be with me. You just said it moments ago.”

Jeanette stopped for a while, and she said, “No, that was when I thought I were dreaming.”

“Okay, okay.” Ryan said, “Just calm down here. I brought you here because I missed you so much. And I want to talk about the child.”

Jeanette looked at her stomach, looked at Ryan and turned into a fury, “You ruined me! You bastard! I am in a complete mess because of you!”

Ryan lowered his head.

“And now you kidnap me here? What do you want? Uh, do you want me to be a hostage like Gerald? IS THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT?!” She yelled at him.

A voice came out inside the cave, “Hey, young lady. I am sleeping, you know.”

Jeanette didn’t know there was another man inside the cave. She was momentarily shocked.

A familiar face showed up under the light of burning fire, “Hi, Jeanette.” He said.

“Dr. DeGroot?!” Jeanette opened her eyes wide.


Back in the base of Dharma Initiative.

“Where is Jeanette?” Amy asked.

“I don’t know.” Paul replied, “She just disappeared.”

“That’s impossible.” Amy said, “There must be some trace left. Did you find anything on the tape?”

“We had an accident in the lab. A machine had triggered a strong Electro-Magnetic burst at the mid-night. All the tapes were wiped out by it. Our alarm system was offline for 15 minutes.”

“My goodness!” Amy’s mouth opened wide, “She must be kidnapped at that time. There is something in this island much more powerful than we had thought.”

“You mean the monster?”

“No, it’s not the monster. The monster didn’t see the future. Otherwise it would not have attacked Jeanette and let everyone know its weakness. This one knows the future. It knows exactly when the EM burst will happen.”

“You mean there is another monster in this island, with different capabilities?”

“Perhaps, but it didn’t seem like a monster.”

“What do you mean?”

“It didn’t do any damage or kill anyone, only grabbed Jeanette. I think this must have something to do with the hostiles. You know her love affair with one of them.”

“So you mean the hostiles kidnapped her?”

“Most likely, but they must need some help from this thing. Maybe it is the ‘Jacob’ they have been talking about.”

“I thought ‘Jacob’ is just a deity they worship, like Apollo to Egyptian.”

“Now I think it’s a real thing.” Amy said, “We need to find a way to stop him soon, before we all disappear.”

Back to the cave from the others.

“You must be wondering why I am here.” Gerald said.

Jeanette nodded.

“I was supposed to be dead. However, I didn’t want you guys found my body and sent it back. I wanted my body to remain here with Karen. So I just kept walking deeper and deeper. I met a few people from the village. There is a woman named Ellie. She is the leader here, and she told me her story. It was very interesting…”

Jeanette looked at him impatiently.

“Sorry, I was too used to tell a long story now. In short, Ellie sent her whole village searching for me, and she saved me from jumping a cliff. So I suggested them that we could have a truce between the villagers and the Dharma Initiatives. The other leader, Charles, didn’t want it, but he listened to Ellie. So it was all settled then. After that, I became their story teller. They gave me a lot of food, but I couldn’t eat. So now you see my body is very thin. I guess when a man lost the will to live, this is what will happen.”

Indeed Gerald’s body was too thin. In Jeanette’s memory, he used to have a little fat stomach. Now he looked like a victim of a concentrate camp.

“Jeanette, I had known you for a long time. I can help you with this situation. This young man is the nicest one in the whole village. If you stay here and marry him, you will be happy. He will do his best to take care of you and your child…”

Jeanette took a quick look at Ryan.

“On the other hand, I understand why you don’t want to be here. You have to give up everything, including all the luxuries of being a princess, all the modern toys and clothes, and all the family connections. It was not an easy decision to make. Whichever the one you choose, I will support you, but I hope you could make the decision after carefully consideration with a clear mind. That’s all.”

Dr. DeGroot stood up slowly and walked toward the cave opening. Ryan helped him.

Outside the cave, they could both see the Sun is setting down in the ocean. Clouds were painted in red and yellow. Half of the sky was dark blue, and the other half was orange. Breeze passed gently over the beach below, and green waves rushed to the sand over and over. The crimson sun had only half left over the horizon, the other half was broken by little ripples into millions of sparkling lights.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Gerald asked.

“It is.”

“Always remember that.” Gerald said, “The sun will not stay there for long. In 5 minutes all the beauty will disappear. What we have left is just memories. You and she had spent a wonderful evening together. I can tell. But no beauty is forever, love faints too, no matter how strong it once was. So keep your memories, as long as you have them, it’s good enough.”

“Thanks. I understand.”

“So whatever the decision she makes, you will support her and do your best to protect her, right?”

“Of course.”

“That’s good. Cause you are too simple to know what is coming.” Gerald said.

“What do you mean?” Ryan asked, “What is coming?”

Gerald smile bitterly and shook his head, “You will know.”

The sun went down. The bright orange turned into light green. Stars appeared in batches. Over their head, the milky way gradually showed up its light grey edges. It reminded Gerald what a vast universe we were all in. The milk way was only one of the billion billion galaxy systems inside it. The entire Earth history was nothing comparing to any of the galaxies. And this little decision was also nothing, comparing to the whole human history. Yet he knew that it was extremely important to that young man. To him, the whole world was nothing, comparing to this little decision. It was a funny way of thinking, uh?

They both saw Jeanette walked out of the cave slowly.

“I have thought about it over and over, with a clear and open mind.” She said, “Sorry that I decided to go back to Essex, England.”

“That’s the best for our child. I completely agree.” Ryan said. He came up to Jeanette and hugged her, “I guess it will be a goodbye then.”

Jeanette wept in his shoulder. She didn’t say anything. Her tears went down uncontrollably. She put her arms around Ryan’s body, hugged him as tight as she could, and felt the same strong heart-beats she had felt that night. I will keep you in my memory, forever! She suddenly found out that it was really hard to leave him, way harder than she did before.

There was no moon.

In almost complete darkness, a torch was moving among the trees. The jungle was a dead zone: no birds, no rats or squirrels. It was only eerie silence.

Ryan walked in the front. He knew every tree in this area. It was not far to the Dharma Initiative’s base. His escort mission would end soon.

“Jeanette.” A strange voice came from the tree above. The sound was creepy.

Jeanette was jumpy, “What’s that?”

Ryan raised his torch and looked above. He couldn’t see anything in trees.

“Jeanette.” The ghostly sound echoed around. It was very close.

“Who’s there?” Ryan swung his torch around, trying to see anything or anyone above, but he couldn’t find anything. He was in this forest for a very long time, but he had never heard or encountered any of that kind of things. It made him, the veteran of the jungle, feel really intense.

“Relax, it’s just a bird.” Suddenly almost right next to them Jacob appeared. He was still wearing the white clothes. It made him look like a ghost in the dark.

Ryan pointed the torch at him, “Thank Jacob, it’s you. I was very nervous.”

“Well, you should be. Why did you leave without saying goodbye to Richard?” Jacob asked.

“Oh, I just didn’t want to bother anybody. Besides, since you said she could leave if she wanted, so I thought it’s really not necessary to tell Richard the same thing.”

“Yes, I did say that she could leave.” Jacob looked at him without a bit of smile, “But I didn’t say that the baby could leave.”

“What?” Ryan couldn’t believe what he just heard. “What did you say?”

“Let me make it simple for you: the mother can leave, but the baby has to stay.”

“Wait, wait, wait…” Ryan said, “This is not the deal.”

“This is exactly the deal. You bring the baby there. I will make you a candidate. I don’t care if the mother stays here or not. She can leave anytime after the baby is born.” Jacob said it coldly like steel.

Jeanette’s opened her mouth, but she just stared at Ryan and couldn’t say anything.

“No, no, no.” Ryan held Jeanette by the arm, “This is not the deal that I made. Please believe me.”

“You tricked me!” Jeanette shouted at him, “SOB, you freaking tricked me! I will never trust …” Suddenly a shadow came down on her. A black bird as big as Ryan landed behind Jeanette. Before she knew what happened, the bird pecked his beak into her neck. Instantly Jeanette lost the ability to speak, her eyes looked empty, and she fell down to the ground. The bird was still holding her neck with the beak.

“No!” Ryan took out his knife and tried to stab the bird, but then he found out his whole body was not under his control. Some force was holding every muscle of his body. He could only watch the bird sucking life out of Jeanette’s body helplessly. He couldn’t even close his eyes to avoid that heart-wrenching scene.

“This will teach you never doubt my determination.” Jacob said, “Babies are the best future candidates. I won’t let any one of them slip through my fingers.”

PANG! PANG! Two gun shots fired, and the black bird changed his color to bright yellow. He opened his wings and shrieked, “Jeanette…” and flew up to the sky.

Amy, Paul and some other DI security guys showed up. They pointed their guns at Jacob.

Jacob smiled, “You cannot kill my bird. You think you can kill me?” He waved his hand lightly to them.

Amy and Paul felt like a tornado just arrived. A strong force pushed them all to the ground.

Ryan felt the force holding him was loosen a little bit, and he could speak again. He shouted out, “STOP! STOP! Jacob, I have a deal for you.”

Jacob loosed his grip on Ryan and said, “Really? Tell me about it. I am interested.”

Ryan said, “How about I gave you all my life? Whatever you want me to do, I will do it.”

“In exchange for?”

“For Jeanette and her baby. Please, leave them alone, and I will be all yours.”

“It’s too late. After this, I am going to cross your name. You life doesn’t worth the baby.” Jacob said, “It’s a no deal.”

“Please, Jacob, I am begging you.” Ryan knelt down in front of him, “Please let them go!”His wailing voice was too sad to hear.

“Get away from me!” Jacob kicked him to the ground, “Look at the way you are. It’s really disgusting.”

A crackling noise spread around. It attracted Jacob’s full attention. Everyone on the ground suddenly felt the holding force disappeared. They stood up, and saw Jacob scanning the trees.

Paul looked at Amy with a question. Amy shook her head. Paul nodded and made a gesture for everyone else not to move or shoot.

Someone walked out of the tree and said, “Hello, Jacob.”

Everyone turned his eyes on him. It was a bald man with a knife. He was about 50 years old. Nobody had ever seen him before.

Jacob couldn’t smile anymore, “Why you are here?”

He replied, “I am here to kill you. Of course.”

“So you found your loop hole.” It seemed that Jacob was genuinely surprised.

“Yup. Found it in the future. I got some help from … uh … Amy there.” He pointed his knife to Amy.

“Do I know you?” Amy asked.

“You will.” The bald man said, “And thanks again for your help.”

“Uh…You are welcome?” Amy felt it very strange, “Whatever that is.”

“That’s impossible.” Jacob said, “The rule says you cannot even hurt me.”

“Then why you could punch me into a bloodbath and throw me into the light?”

“Uh…” Jacob couldn’t explain himself.

“See. The rule can be bent. You cannot kill me, but you can indirectly cause my death. Now I am doing the same thing to you.” The bald man said with a smile. He got wrinkles all over his face.

“Well, it won’t work.” Jacob said, “If you can kill me now, then you don’t need to ask Amy’s help in the future. Then you won’t know how to kill me. It’s a paradox.”

“It’s worth a try anyway.” The bald man said. He handed the knife to Ryan and said, “Kill him.”

“What?” Ryan was beyond surprise, “You want me to kill Jacob?”

“Yes. You name is not crossed yet. So you still have the ability to kill him. Once you kill him, your wife and your child will be free. Isn’t that what you want?”

“Yeah… but…” Ryan held the knife tight, hesitated. He never thought that one day he could kill Jacob, even in his wildest dreams.

“Don’t think too much.” The bald man pushed him, “Think about your wife and your child. Once you kill him, they are free.”

Ryan took a look at Jeanette, who was still lying on the ground motionlessly. A rush of anger rose up in his heart. How dare you deceit me like that! How dare you use me to get your hands on my baby! He suddenly became a fearless lion, walking toward Jacob step by step.

Jacob already read his mind. He tried to escape, but for some strange reason, once Ryan held the knife, it had completely neutralized all of his special abilities. He wanted to run but his legs were filled with lead. He could only see him coming closer and closer. He knew that he must be very careful with the next sentence he would say.

“I will wake up your Jeanette.” He said, “And I will let them go.”

Ryan stopped.

“You still have a choice. If you kill me now, she will be in a comma forever. You daughter will have to grow up without a mother. If you let me go, I will do what I just said, and forget everything that happens today. Only you name will be crossed, but I don’t think you care.”

“You just deceived me. I can’t trust you anymore.” Ryan held the knife high.

“What about you?” Jacob said quickly, “Ryan, you are a good man. You never did anything bad in your life. If you kill me tonight, you will be haunted by the guilt for the rest of your life. You will not be the same person anymore. You don’t want this. Trust me, I know.”

“That’s interesting to know.” The bald man said. “What have you done?”

Jacob avoided his stare and said, “I hurt my brother badly and indirectly caused his death. I have been feeling guilty for two thousand years. Every day I wished I hadn’t done that. He would have been a much better leader than me.”

“I am touched.” The bald man said, “Too bad it’s two thousand years late. Apology not accepted.”

Ryan looked at the knife in his hand, then looked at the helpless Jacob on the ground. He handed the knife back to the bald man: “I am sorry. I cannot kill him. He’s right. Killing him won’t bring back my Jeanette.”

“You shouldn’t let him talk.” The bald man said, “However, you scared the shit out of him. That’s good enough for tonight.” He put his knife back to the holster. A strong flash brightened the whole area, and he was gone.

Jacob silently got up, and went to Jeanette. He patted on her shoulder. Instantly she exhaled heavily and started coughing.

He turned around and looked at Ryan with a cold face, “I kept my promise, now it’s your turn. Frankly I don’t care if you want to keep your end of the bargain.”

Ryan said, “If I come back, you will leave them alone?”


“Then I will come back. Make no mistake. I come back to help my brothers and sisters, not for you.”

“As I said, I don’t care. By the way, you will loss the island’s blessing. So if tomorrow you are hit by a van, don’t blame me.”

“I don’t care either.” Ryan said, “You go to hell.”

Jacob disappeared.

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