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Chapter 14: Princess Jeanette (Part 1)

1970. 10 days before Dharma Initiative landed in the island.

Dr. DeGroot and his wife, Karen arrived at a heavy metal gate with security guards in the booth.

“May I see some ID, please.” The guard asked politely.

“Sure.” Gerald handed him the passports.

“Very well, Mr. and Mrs. DeGroot. Welcome to the Lewis Castle.” After checking with a computer, the guard opened the gate and lowered the anti-vehicle steel poles. “Her highness is waiting for you in her reading room.”

Karen asked Gerald in a low voice: “Is this kind of security really necessary?”

Gerald replied, “Of course. We are visiting a loyal kin here.”

“This is amazing!” Karen said. She pointed to the butterfly specimens on the wall. There were a few hundreds of them in that room. However, since the room was so big, they didn’t look cluttered at all.

A beautiful young lady with red hair stepped closer and replied, “Thank you! You must be Karen. Dr. DeGroot had mentioned you many times.”

“I hope he didn’t say how ugly I have become.” Karen said playfully, “Comparing to you I look really old.”

The young lady smiled gracefully, “Not at all. Mrs. DeGroot, you still look fabulous, and your wisdom is unparallel.”

“Well, we better stopped the compliments.” Dr. DeGroot said, “Otherwise they will never end.”

“Would you like some tea, then.” The young lady asked in a perfect English accent.

“Stopped those courtesy things, please.” Gerald shook his head, “Jeanette. You are driving me crazy.”

“Haha, I got you.” The young lady suddenly burst in laughter, “I am just showing you my loyalty training. How am I doing?”

“So good that I can’t stand it anymore.” Gerald replied, “We are here to ask you for a little help.”

Jeanette said, “Is there going to be another adventure?”


Jeanette waved her hands around. All the servants retreated outside of the big room.

Once they closed the door. Jeanette’s pose was suddenly all relaxed. She talked in a completely different tone: “Hey, Doc, this time what kind of groovy things are you giving me?”

Gerald smiled finally, “This is the Jeanette I know. Of course it’s some good things. Take a look at this picture. Tell me what you think.”

She snatched the picture away, sat down on a high chair with her legs wide open. Karen couldn’t help giving Gerald a questioning look. Gerald shrugged.

“Are you freaking kidding me?” She exclaimed, “This is impossible!”

“Yeah, I know. The polar bear was in a tropical island with a coconut tree in the back.” Dr. DeGroot said, “Anyone would say it’s a fake picture.”

“No, I am not talking about the bear. You can catch a polar bear and put him in Hawaii to make a picture like that. It’s easy.” Jeanette observed the picture carefully, “I am talking about the blue butterfly the bear is trying to catch. It looks like the ones live only in Mount Ali in Taiwan, but the shape of the eyes is not right. Plus, the size of it is very wrong.”

Karen asked, “Why is it wrong?”

“It’s way too big. Butterflies used to be like this millions of years ago, but not today.”

Jeanette suddenly froze, her eyes opened wide like she just discovered a new continent. “No fuucking way!” She almost yelled. Her voice was surprisingly loud.

“Is everything alright, princess?” the butler opened the door and poked his head in.

Jeanette sat up straight immediately and waved him away with grace.

Karen asked her, “Are you really a princess?”

“Yup. 100% loyal blue blood. One day I could be the queen of England if all my 15 uncles and 20 aunts plus 50 cousins were all dead.” She said with some sarcasm. “And being a princess is a curse, really.”

“Wow. Should I call you ‘your highness’?”

“Hey, Karen, please don’t freaking ‘highness’ me. I have too much of that already.”

Gerald asked her, “Hey, Jeanette. What made you so surprised moments ago?”

“Yeah, that. Let me show you.” She looked through a thick catalog and got a number, “16-23. OK, it’s right here.” She opened a drawer on the wall and took out a book. Inside that book there were more butterfly specimens. They were all blue ones. It seemed that she got a lot more collections of butterflies inside the walls.

“Here you are!” She said it with a hardly controlled excitement. “I knew it was there.” She took out a picture in the end of the book. There they could all see a partial butterfly’s wing sealed inside a large piece of amber.

“I took that picture myself at Insectarium in Montreal, Canada.” She was almost high, “There was a special exhibition of extinct butterflies. That thing was the central piece of the show. Look at the shape of the eye. It matches!”

Gerald was really impressed, “You have a really good memory.”

“Not really. I only remember every butterfly’s shape in the world, but I can’t remember what I ate last night.”

Karen smiled, “Nonetheless, we have to say thank you! You helped us solve a piece of the puzzle.”

“What kind of puzzle is that?” Jeanette was confused, “Do you mean that we found out the butterfly is a living fossil?”

“No, it’s not about the butterfly.” Gerald said, “It’s about the island.”

“What about it?”

Karen explained, “As we all know, most butterflies were extinct because of the dramatic weather changes between ice ages. So if this kind of ancient butterflies can survive in that island, it means the island has never gone through ice ages.”

“Well, if that island is close to equator. It can explain that.” Jeanette said, then she corrected herself, “No, this kind of butterflies can never live anywhere near the equator. It is too hot for them.”

“Yeah, that island is not near the equator.” Gerald said, “It is roughly the same altitude as Taiwan.”

“I am really freaking confused, doc.” Jeanette opened up her hands, palms up, “You mean this island is near the tropic of cancer, but it has never gone through ice age? How is that possible?”

Dr. DeGroot smiled, “It’s even better than you think. In that island, it’s always summer. Everyday you will have sunshine and raining, but never a typhoon or hurricane.”

Jeanette was deeply intrigued, “What kind of magical island is that, doc? Come on, tell me already.”

“This is the island we have been searching for the last ten years. We finally found it.” Gerald looked at his wife. She was smiling back. “We are currently doing reconnaissance on it. The picture was taken from our ship by a camera with a long Zoom lens. I already chose a landing zone, and we will walk in that mystical place in about 2 weeks.”

Jeanette thought for a while. She had a little grin and asked, “So two of you come here today is to ask me for some loyal support? You guys need some funding? Diplomatic solution? Or Military support?”

Gerald said, “No, we had enough of those already. I just came here to ask you to join us. Knowing you for so long, I think you don’t want to miss the fun.”

Jeanette jumped up from the chair and punched Gerald in his shoulder, “Yeah! You are really my big bro!”

Gerald rubbed his sore shoulder and said, “My highness, you stayed too long in my university.”

“Sorry, does that hurt?”

“A little.”

“That’s part of my training too. They said if a terrorist kidnapped me I could give him hell.”

“Good for you. But I have to warn you. We still don’t know much about that island. There might be dinosaurs still living there. Your life could be in danger.”

“Hey, doc. You are talking to the gal who did all kind of crazy things. I am not afraid of anything in the nature.” She pointed to the butterflies on the walls, “Just think about how I collected those specimens myself.”

Karen came up and shook her hand, “Then we welcome you to join the Dharma Initiative. Together we will make the biggest discoveries in the human history.”

Jeanette was so thrilled that she jumped on the table and made a toast to them, “Yeah! To the great discoveries!” She drank up all the martini in one gulp.

Karen raised a cup too, “To you. You are really some princess.”


10 days later. On the island.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……” Jeanette screamed in a way she never screamed before. It was all her strength focused in her throat and burst outward, energized by the sheer terror she just witnessed.

Karen was swooped away by some hideous black smoke and thrown away like a baseball going for a homerun. She disappeared from her sight, and now that black monster was coming at her.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……” She didn’t know how she could keep screaming in such a loud and high pitch for so long. Maybe her loyal vocal teacher did a really great job. Her screaming pierced everyone’s ears and broke some glasses.

Under everybody’s eyes, the black smoke crashed into an invisible wall and split into 3 smaller parts. They flew away.

Jeanette froze on the ground and breathed very fast while she heard someone shouted, “Dr. DeGroot! Dr. DeGroot!” She wanted to turn her head to see what happened to him, but only found out that her body was trembling so much that she couldn’t turn her stiffened neck.


One month later.

Jeanette crouched in the grass like a tigress. She wore a camouflage poncho so it was really hard to see her among the grass. Very slowly she pulled a string.

An almost invisible net fell slowly from the tree above. The grid was made of thin silk threads. The four corners of the net were thicker so when the net went down, it kept the shape of a half dome.

The poor blue butterfly below had no idea such a highly sophisticated trap was using on her. She managed to fly up a little, and was caught by the thin threads of silk. She tried to struggle, but the more she flapped her wings, the more tangled she was in.

Jeanette jumped up and came to the spot immediately. She murmured to the butterfly, “Oh, baby, don’t struggle. Your suffering will end in just a sec.” She took out a syringe and injected something into the poor thing. Almost immediately the butterfly stopped moving.

Wearing latex gloves, she carefully removed the net and put the butterfly into a rectangle plastic box. After sealing up the edges, she looked at her new collection with a grin so big that you would have thought she just won the lottery.

“Oh, baby, baby, you are so beautiful! I love you!” She kissed the box wet. “Ummm..ah…”

The tree above her started talking, “This is so wrong!” It was a male voice.

She was overly surprised that while she jumped back she lost her balance and fell on her back. Still holding the box to her chest, she looked at the tree and shouted, “Who’s there? Come out!”

A muscular young man glided down from a branch. He was tall and big but he landed swiftly without a sound. It was such a perfect move that even a monkey couldn’t have done better. He wore some primitive clothes with holes here and there. No shoes.

“What the hell do you want?” Jeanette became very nervous. That young man had strong arms that could easily break her neck. She remembered the martial art training she had, and tried to pick a move.

“Uh…” Strangely, the big guy just stood there. He couldn’t say a complete sentence, “Uh… I … uh…” He had a flush on the face, red like an apple.

Jeanette saw he didn’t move further. She calmed down and slowly stood up. “You were watching me, right? From the tree?”

“Uh…Yeah…” He still flushed and nodded shyly like a little student.

“Why the hell did you do that?” while talking to him, she carefully reached to her backpack on the ground, “You know it’s not polite to peek, right?”

“Uh… I’m …uh… sorry.” His head was down, like a little kid who was caught stealing candies.

Jeanette put the box inside her backpack and got ready to leave. She took a look at this man with curiosity. This is the biggest 7-year-old I have ever seen. She thought.

Instead of leaving, she carefully circled him and sized him up. He was still bowing his head, but she could see that he was a handsome 20-year-old who was avoiding her eye contacts.

“This is just great.” She said, “This Island never ceases to surprise me, first the monster, then the butterfly, now a big foot.”

“I’m not …”


“Yes… ”

“Ha…” she almost wanted to laugh. An English speaking ape man who obeys her like a puppy? This is really fun.

“So what’s your name, big boy?” She asked, “You got a name, right?”


“Ryan who?”

“Ryan Pryce.” He finally could finish a sentence. “P-R-Y-C-E.”

“Okay, okay. So I just call you Ryan, alright?” she was a little impatient. “Where are you from?”

“I am from my village.” He pointed his finger to a direction.

Oh, a hostile. Now I see. Jeanette thought to herself. No wonder he is so naïve. He must have never seen such a beautiful woman like me. Haha…

With a big smile, she asked, “Are you stalking me?”

He shook his head, still nervously.

“Then why are you here?” She wondered, “Am I in your forbidden territories?”

The next sentence from him really surprised her, “Dr. DeGroot sent me.”


“Everyone please calm down.” Paul raised his hands and tried to quiet down the crowd around him. He continued to announce the good news:

“Dr. DeGroot is still alive.”

A thundering cheer burst out. Everyone was clapping hands.

“Ok, ok. Please let me finish.” Paul had to do it again, “Right now he was with the hostiles.”

The cheer stopped immediately. The mood became intense.

“He sent a messenger to us, and said that he just made a truce with them. He was willing to be a hostage of them. If we violate the conditions, they can kill him.”

“No…” the crowd sighed simultaneously.

“This is the map they drew.” Paul took out a primitive type of paper, inside it an island was divided by half with a red line. “There is a slave ship called “Black Rock”. It lied in the middle of the island. We cannot step anywhere north of this ship. This is the condition they gave us.”

He looked at the people around him, who were all silent. “Are we going to agree on it?”

“Yes.” Amy said, “I agreed. Gerald is like my father. I won’t put him in any danger.”

“Yes.” One by one, the crowd started to follow Amy’s decision.

Only Jeanette didn’t say anything. Inside she was not happy about the arrangement. So far she already searched the whole southern part, and only found one blue butterfly. The rest should be in the north.

The specimen she collected could prove the butterfly’s existence, but she wanted more. She liked to collect some of its eggs, and transport them back to her home in Essex, England. There she could raise a hundred of those “extinct” butterflies in her gigantic glasshouse. She would invite the best entomologists all around the world, especially the ones in Montreal, Canada, to come and see the living fossils. She would imagine the shock and awe in their faces while they caught the first sight of such a big and beautiful thing. That was the moments she had been waiting for in her whole life.

But now it would be all ended because of a stupid truce? Dr. DeGroot was a good man, but he made himself very clearly that he wanted to die alone. So his death should be accepted by everyone already. Violating the truce was more like let him get what he wanted at the first place.

Of course she couldn’t say it out loud, but in her mind she was already searching for a way to get around the truce.

DING! A bright idea came up. Romeo and Juliet!

She still remembered how she played the Juliet and made the whole school cried. The idea was simple. She would be the Juliet, and the dumb big guy would the Romeo. She could pretend to date him so when anybody saw her cross the border. She could say that she was on a date with him. Because it was a mutual violation, they would just punish him and her, and leave Dr. DeGroot alone.

Brilliant, princess! She could imagine all her loyal citizens applauded at her. A very fine piece of ingenious idea, your highness! She almost bowed down.


“Hey, Ryan.” She said it with a sunshine smile, “Do you know why I asked to escort you out?”

“Uh…Because you are the one who found me?” His face was red again. This is super easy. She thought.

“No, that’s just my excuse.” She said, “The real reason is that I want to know you more.”

Ryan stopped walking. He bowed his head even lower and spoke in a very low voice, “Why you…Uh…”

Haha. This big guy doesn’t know anything! A 20-year-old pretty boy with no girlfriend experience? He is another living fossil!

“Because you are very unique,” she said, “I have never met anyone quite like you.” Actually it was not a compliment.

“Uh…uh…” he lost the ability to speak again.

Jeanette jumped in front of him. He quickly turned around to avoid her staring. The cat-and-mouse game made Jeanette really happy.

“Okay. If you want to see me again, meet me tomorrow morning at the Black Rock.” She giggled, “Don’t make me wait, or I will kill you.” She walked away in a light pace.

Ryan stayed still long after she was gone. He put a hand over his heart and sighed, “Oh, my Jacob. She almost killed me back there.” He wiped his sweat from his forehead and wondered. What was wrong with me? Why I was like this once I saw her?

In the past, Charles and Ellie had taught him the concept of love, but he never expected that when it came, it was so powerful, so overwhelming, and completely turned him into a chicken little.


“Here you are.” Jeanette waved at Ryan as he approached. “Don’t make me wait again. I am serious.”

“But it was just dawn.” Ryan said, “I don’t know…”

“Shut up on that.”

“OK.” He lowered his head.

With a big smile, she took out a set of Armani suit and tried to measure it against Ryan, “Hmm… It might be a little tight, but I think you can fit in. OK, now take off your clothes.”

“What?!” He couldn’t believe his ears.

“Do as I said.”

“Okay, okay.” He took off his primitive worn out clothes, and Jeanette used a stick to throw them away.

“Now you wear this.” She demanded, “Start with your pants.”

“Yes.” He took the black pants and tried to fit in.

“By the way, you have a very nice body, like this year’s Mr. Universe. What’s his name? Arnold something. I forgot his last name. It was too long.”

“Uh… Thanks?”

“Now take the shirt and wear it.”


“Call me Jeanie. It will be more real.”

“Yes, Jeanie.”

“Don’t just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”


“Oh, my gosh! Someone really needs to teach you how to talk to a girl. Alright, you can say ‘yes’ and ‘no’. It’s better than nothing.”

“Yes, Jeanie.”

Jeanette shook her head in disappointment. If I ever wanted to cross the line, this dumb gorilla is the thing I have to deal with. Come on, big girl, you can live with this.

“You are beautiful.” He said.

“Uh?” She looked at him with surprised, “What?”

“You are beautiful.” He repeated sincerely.

She looked at herself. Oh, right! She wore a yellow blouse, long white skirt with a matching embroidery hat. Not a sexy night gown, but it’s enough to woo the King Kong.

“Thank you!” She said with a big grin. “This is the first right thing you said to a girl. Not bad at all.”

He showed a big smile.

“Alright, now let’s get down to the business.” She said, “Ryan, I am a girl who like butterflies. So if you really like me, you need to bring me to somewhere with butterflies. Can you do that?”

“Yes, Jeanie.” He nodded fervently like a puppy.


“Oh, you shouldn’t.” Jeanette was really touched when she saw a grass field with hundreds of butterflies. She couldn’t tell any of those butterflies’ names, which rarely happened. She now realized that it was not only the blue butterflies who survived. There was a goldmine of exotic butterflies right there. She jumped up and kissed Ryan at his cheek, completely surprised him, then she ran toward the grass field like a kid in the Disneyland.

Ryan was frozen for a while, then he suddenly dashed toward her, “No, Jeanie. NO!”

“Could you say something other than ‘yes’ or … NO…” She screamed when the ground under her suddenly gave way, and she fell into a hole.

“Jeanie, are you ok?” Ryan was extremely tense outside of the hole, then he heard another scream from below. “AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh.” Without much thinking, he jumped in the hole himself.

He fell about 15 feet and landed on something. When he got up on his feet, he found out that it was Jeanette he just crashed on. He was so sorry to see that Jeanette was knocked out by his huge falling weight.


Jeanette woke up with a fierce headache and a strong back pain. “Where am I?” She asked while looking around.

It was an underground pit about 10 feet wide and long. Above There was a hole about 6 feet in diameter. She saw a familiar big shadow sitting in front of her. It must be the gorilla.

Ryan replied, “We are inside a bear trap.”

“Oh, I see.” She said, then she wondered, “How did you get in here?”

“The same way you got in.” He said. He didn’t know why he could speak normally again. Maybe after a while he could get use to her present and not got overwhelmed anymore. Or maybe he was too upset to feel the adrenaline of love.

“What?!” She was angry. “You knew this is a bear trap and you still jumped in. What were you thinking?”

“You screamed really loud at that time. I thought there was a bear inside the trap.” He said it plainly.

Oh, gosh! That’s really sweet! But it was STUPID STUPID and STUPID! Now how am I going to get out of this pit? Jeanette watched the hole and said, “I was screaming because I saw a dead rat. You stupid big foot.”

Ryan shrugged, “You sounded like your life was in danger.”

“I always scream this loud. Are you satisfied?” She sat up and yelled at the top of her lungs: “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.”

When she finished, she saw Ryan covered his ears with fingers. “You see. I can really scream.”

“Absolutely.” He said, while he still had some ringing in his ears. “Not even a bear can roar like that.”

“Hey, don’t compare my beautiful voice with a bear. That’s disgusting.” She said, “You still don’t know how to talk to a girl.”


“So what should we do? How do we get out of this hole?”

He looked at her with a bitter smile, “Usually we can use a knife to dig out a stair and climb up.”

“That’s a good plan. What are you waiting for?”

“My knife was with my clothes.” He took a look at his Armani suit, “Not here.”

“God damn it!” She cursed, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I couldn’t. You were acting like my master and ordering me this and that. I couldn’t say anything.”

“No, no, you should have told me that ‘I need this knife for our own survival’, and I would have let you keep it. Now we lost our hope of getting out of there, it’s all your fault! I hate you!”

Ryan didn’t say anything. Under the sunlight through the hole, she could see that his eyes were full of tears.

She could feel that he was really hurt. “Ok, ok. I am being irrational. I am sorry. That’s how I am. I am really sorry!” She hugged him.

“I am alright.” Ryan wiped his tears and said, “There is another way to get out of here.”

Jeanette hit him in the chest, “Why didn’t you say so?”

Ouch! Ryan put his hand over the chest. This small woman could give out surprisingly strong punches.

“Well, it’s really easy. I will find a rock, and I will tear all my clothes up, and make them into a rope. I tie the stone with the rope, throw it outside, and if we are lucky, the stone will caught something outside, and we can just climb the rope out of the hole.”

“Wow, you are not as stupid as I thought!” Jeanette patted him in the back, “Ok, now get onto it. Make the rope.”

“It’s just that…”


“I don’t have enough clothes here. I need yours too.”

Jeanette hit his head so hard that he fell to the ground. When he came back to his conscience he felt dizzy and stars flying around.

Jeanette was on the other side of the pit, rubbing her aching fist, and cursed, “SOB. Now I know you are a freaking pervert! I’d rather die than let you fuucking touch me.”

“What’s the matter?” He couldn’t understand, “It’s just the clothes.”

“Shut up!”

“No, you shut up!” Ryan finally couldn’t stand her anymore, “Ever since I met you, you were acting like a spoiled child. I tried my best to make you happy. Now it’s not about you happy or not, it’s about live or die. You understand?”

“You…” Jeanette never expected him would say such words to her. She was choked for the first time.

“So if you don’t like this idea, just forget about it. Think about another one, just don’t hit me in my face, for Jacob’s sake.” Ryan said, “I have been surviving in this island for so long. I know there is always another way out. Just think about it, ok?”

“Okay…” Jeanette looked at the big guy in a completely different perspective. He was no longer the simple-minded gorilla, but a strong Tarzan who went through a lot of survival struggles.

So now I am the Jane? She thought. It was really ironic. Even my name is similar.

No, what was I thinking? I am a princess, not a Jane, for Christ sake. He is nothing but a jungle ape.

Jeanette stood up, walked around the small pit and looked for anything that could help.

“Any ideas?” Ryan asked.

“Why can we just climb out of there?” Jeanette asked, “I stepped on your shoulder, then I could reach the hole, from there maybe I could climb out?”

“Don’t waste your energy. There is nothing to hold at the hole, and you still need to climb another 5 feet to reach the top. You will just fall down. We dug the hole this way because we wanted the bear to do the same. The more he tried to climb up and the faster he would die.”

“You guys are really hideous men!” She tried to punch Ryan but this time her fist was blocked.

“What could we do? They tried to eat us.” Ryan simply said. “The food is limited in this island and the bears are always hungry.”

They both fell silent.


When Jeanette woke up, it was already midnight. Under the moonlight she could see Ryan slept like a baby. Well, he really got a cute face, same muscular, but more handsome than the Arnold guy in the magazine.

Suddenly she felt a blush. Her face was hot and her heart pumping fast.

Damn hormones. She cursed, then she felt something even more embarrassing: she needed to pee.

Gosh, can you just give me a break? She slowly moved to the far corner, gingerly took off her panty and let it go.

Just when she felt a little relief, she saw something that was too good to believe.

A long vine was there. She didn’t know when the vine was lowered inside the pit or why. She just saw a thick strong vine was there for her rescue.

Thank you god for giving me the help. I will donate a lot of money to churches after I go back.

She pulled up her panty and tried to wake up Ryan, but she found out that he was already awake.

“When did you wake up?” She asked embarrassedly.

“I heard the sound and smelled your piss, so I opened my eyes.” He said without any reserve.

“You pervert!” She swung a right hook at him. He didn’t dodge or block it. Surprisingly the punch was not hard at all.

She stepped back, coughed a little, tried to maintain a princess’s pose, then she said, “Get up, Ryan. We can climb up the vine and get out of here.”

“Don’t climb it.” Ryan said, “Don’t.”

“It’s alright. Come on, the vine is strong enough for both of us.” She started to climb up the vine. She also had a special training on climbing ropes. It was easy for her.

The vine held up well.

Jeanette quickly ascended to the hole. She looked down at Ryan and said, “See? It’s perfectly safe.”

Just as she finished the word “safe”, a strong force had pulled her up. She disappeared in the hole.

Ryan jumped to grab the end of the vine. He got hold of it, but the force was so strong that he was pulled up to the hole too. Like a gymnastic athlete, he turned his body upside down, used his legs to stand on the brim of the hole, pulled the vine with all his strength, and finally stopped the rising.

He heard Jeanette screamed very loud outside of the hole. He had no hand to cover his ears, and his mind was all on Jeanette. “Jeanie! NOOOOOOOO…” He cried out as loud as he could.

Suddenly the upward force was gone. He saw Jeanette fell through the hole again, before he could smile, Jeanette’s body hit him hard and knocked him unconscious.


“Wake up, Ryan! Wake up, Ryan!” When Ryan finally came back from his short comma, he saw an unbelievable scene.

Jeanette was holding his head and looked at him closely with tears in her eyes.

“Oh, my God! I thought you were dead. I thought I had killed you.” She turned into laughter while wiping her tears. “Thank God you are ok.” She started kissing his forehead, his nose, his cheeks, and his mouth.

Ryan took in the sweetness of her kissing completely. He tried to kiss back when Jeanette pulled away.

“This is wrong.” Jeanette stood up and walked around. “You are just a Tarzan, and I am not a Jane.” She appeared to be very nervous.

“What happened?” Ryan sat up and asked, “I mean what did you see outside of the hole?”

“Bears, three freaking Polar Bears.” She said with a thrill through her spine, “They used the vine to get me, like fishermen.”

“Praise Jacob that you have a wonderful scream.” Ryan said, “It saved your life.”

Jeanette added, “Twice.”

“That’s impressive.” Ryan stood up and held her shoulders. “Are you OK? Did you hurt anywhere?” He tried to inspect her face, but she was avoiding his eye contacts. “What’s wrong with you?” He confused.

Jeanette suddenly looked at him with an intense gaze. Her eyes locked at him in a way she never did before. Ryan felt every nerve in his body was burning up by this intimate eye contact. A very strong primal urge rose up in his deepest desire. He didn’t know what happened to him, but the basic instinct had already pushed him to kiss Jeanette deeply between her sweet lips.

Their bodies were instantly morphed into one. Ryan had felt a pleasure that he had never felt before. His whole body was trembling while his hands rubbing the smooth and silky skin of her. A strong impulse was pounding him to do something he had never thought he would do.

“Slow down, big boy.” Jeanette gently brushed his golden hair, “Don’t rush it. I will show you everything.” She took off the last piece of her clothes, and slowly felt his strong body with her hands, inch by inch. Gradually, her hands reached lower, and lower …

At that moment Ryan just wanted to explode.


The morning came. Birds were chirping and butterflies were dancing outside of the hole. It was another beautiful blue sky summer day.

“Wakie wakie. Sleepy head!” Jeanette brushed his face with a little leaf from the vine. “Time to wake up, breakfast is ready.”

Ryan opened his eyes, “Breakfast? Where? I am really hungry.”

“Here.” Jeanette smiled and put the leaf inside his mouth, “Eat it.”

Chewing the leaf, Ryan sat up and said, “That’s not bad. Thank you, my love.”

“Wow, wow, wow. Don’t get that so fast.” She put her skirt on. “We just have a one night stand. That doesn’t mean that we were in love.”

“But you said you loved me last night.” Ryan didn’t understand.

“Well…” Jeanette was thinking a way to explain it, “Uh… That’s just what I was supposed to say when we were making love.”

“That’s called ‘making love’?” Ryan said, “Oh, now I understand something Charles said.”


“Never mind. Since it’s called ‘making love’, so you must love me when you do that, right? Otherwise why we call it that way?”

“Eh…” Jeanette started to feel a headache, “It’s really complicated.”

“No, it’s so simple. I love you, you love me, and we made love. It’s easy.”

“Uh…” Jeanette’s headache was getting worse, “I am afraid that it was not in my case. You see. I , as a woman, had my own needs and desires… I mean… I haven’t had sex with others much because I travelled a lot to catch butterflies. Usually those places don’t have any male penis in 100 miles… Oh, I am sorry to say that. I am not really good at this… I mean. Look at you.”

Ryan looked at himself, “What?”

“You… you are more like a Chief of a tribe, or a king of the jungle. You belong to a wild island like this. And look at me. I am a princess. I belong to a loyal family, and I will marry a prince, or David Rockefeller, or someone rich like that.”

“So…” Ryan said in a sad voice, “You mean you don’t love me.”

“No, no. I love you. No, I like you a lot. It’s just my background is completely different than yours. You don’t know anything outside the island, while I had extensive knowledge of the world, too much about the butterflies, I have to add. Our lives are completely different. There is … there is no way that you can fit in mine, and mine fit in yours. That’s all.”

Ryan said, “I don’t really understand what you are saying.”

“Gosh… I know, I know, I am a mess now. I didn’t know how to put it into simple words for you.”

Ryan said, “But I will try to fit my life into yours. Will that be ok?”

Jeanette stopped her babbling, looked at Ryan, and started crying.

Ryan held her arm and helped her sat down. She kept crying and said, “I don’t know…I am so sorry… You are so good to me and I am a mess.”

Ryan didn’t know how to make her feel better. He could only pat her back and said, “It will be ok.”

“No… It won’t be ok. Right now there are 3 bears outside there trying to eat us, and we are stuck in a hole that we can never get out…We are not ok. We are going to die here. God, why you treat me like this? Why you leave me here to die?”

Ryan tried his best, “We will find a way to get out of here.”

“Then what? We will be eaten by those bears. Right now they were waiting outside, just for us. Even if we could escape, then what? You and I cannot be together. We are enemies, remember? Like Romeo and Juliet.” When thinking about Romeo and Juliet, she cried even louder.

Ryan’s ears started to hurt. She really had a way of making big sound.

A vine went down. They both were startled, and looked at each other like saying “oh, no. The bears are playing the same trick again.”

A round face man showed up in the hole. “Hey, guys, it’s time to get you out of there.”

“Horace!” Jeanette exclaimed happily, “It’s so good to see you!”

“Good to see you too. We spent a whole night looking for you. And you too, young man. It’s unbelievable. You guys just know each other for how long? Uh? About two hours, right? And you already eloped without saying goodbye. Isn’t that too fast and too easy? I am so disappointed at you two.”

Ryan said, “Whatever you say, sir. It’s really good to see you. My name is Ryan.”

“I don’t care. Now you need to push our soprano up. She’s really the one who saved your life. We could pick up her crying 2 miles away.”

“Yeah, I believe so.” Ryan said as he tried to help Jeanette climbing up.

“No, I got this.” Jeanette jumped up and climbed the vine quickly. In about 20 seconds she already out of the hole.

When Ryan got out, the first question was, “where are the bears?”

Horace asked, “What bears?”

“Never mind. Well, be careful around here. There are many bear traps.”

“Tell it yourself.” Horace laughed, so the rest of the rescue team.

Jeanette got close to Ryan. She looked sideway while she said, “I am sorry, Ryan. It’s time to say goodbye.”

Ryan said, “We will meet again, right?”

Jeanette shook her head. She couldn’t afford to watch the anxious eyes of Ryan’s. It’s all wrong. My God, what am I doing?

Ryan said, “I will wait for you. Every morning in the Black Rock, I will wait for you.”

“Don’t.” She said in a low voice. And it was the last thing she said. The whole Dharma team left.

Ryan knelt down to the ground. His heart was hurt like someone had stabbed it and twisted the blade. Tears went down like a dam collapsed. He stayed there for a very long time.

Luckily the bears didn’t return, and finally he left.

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