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Chapter 1: An Island was born

It’s not a fairytale, but …

Once upon a time, there was a highly intelligent alien race from millions of light-years away which had a civilized history of more than 5 million years. They developed the kind of technology so advanced that we humans simply can’t imagine. Over their long long history, they had colonized millions of planets, waged tens of thousands of wars, and discovered countless technology breakthroughs. To us they were like gods. Each of them could create a solar system in 7 days, and destroy it in a blink of eyes. They had answers for all the mysteries of universe, except one.

“Is there another civilized alien race living out there in a planet, just like us?”

To find the answer, millions of space ships were sent out, combing their entire galaxy one planet at a time. Their space-time traveling technology allowed them to shorten the traveling time to a minimum. In one flash, their ships could jump from one end of the galaxy to the other end of it. In another flash, their ships could finish analyzing the whole star system and draw a conclusion. With this kind of technology, they were confident that it was a matter of “time” that they would find a planet thriving with civilized lives, just like theirs.

However, after five million years, they found nothing.

It was not because of the time, but the odds. The universe has an infinitely number of planets and stars. However, the ones that can support lives must fit many critical criteria, which make the chance astronomically small. On top of that, the chances of that planet developed intelligent lives capable of civilization are much smaller. Furthermore, those intelligent lives also have a tendency of self-destruction. They will appear in a planet for 100,000 years, but next time you visit them. They’ll all extinct for various reasons. All those factors made the search very difficult.

During those 5 million years, they had inspected thousands of billions of star systems, but there still billions of billion star systems left. Worse of all, they also found out that there were infinite number of parallel universes exist. Each universe has a slightly different version of their civilization in them, but none of those civilizations found anything. Now they have to search all those parallel universes as well. The odds are against them.

The failure made them desperate. An important decision was made. No longer would they send space ships to search in a coordinated grid like fashion. Instead, they massively produced space probes that would jump through space and time and universes randomly, and filled the sky with billion billions of these probes. They believed that as long as they kept massively producing them, the universe will be filled up by those probes, eventually when the number was great enough, one day a probe will find what they were looking for. It was the only way to balance the odds.

Each space probe was equipped with a basic Tasillium core, a material only they could compose. It was a complicated organic material made of manufactured atoms part like Titanium, and part like Silicon. The material was virtually indestructible, but at the same time it could think, and it could exert enormous power to do things that, to us human beings, nothing short of miracle. When the core passed the extremely hot surface like our Sun, it wouldn’t sweat a bit. When fell into a black hole, it would just go through it and come out in another parallel universe. The aliens regarded them as primitive but functioning tools, like we think of toys or bikes, nothing special, but to humans, those space probes were incredibly advanced.

The instruction of each probe was fairly simple: find a planet that has naturally developed civilized lives, and report to the base. They didn’t fit it with much technology, or made them too smart. As we all know, when you massively produce something, you want to keep the cost to a minimum. It was true even for such an advanced alien race like them.

Away they went out for the mission. Gradually numerous space probes spread to all the neighboring galaxies.

The new strategy worked. Roughly 65 million years ago, one of the probes finally reached our solar system. Within a second, it found earth and her complicated life forms. It found dinosaurs and the dinosaurs’ complicated civilization. It was supposed to be a time of celebration. After all, a search over 6 million years had finally reached the fruit. The probe was so excited and proud and filled with all kind of alien emotions that we were not yet able to experience. It decided to wait a second to report. It wanted to take this single second to enjoy its discovery, to find out how beautiful the new planet was, to see all the lives that were living in this amazing new world, just by itself, alone.

All highly developed beings are selfish, even a space probe was the same. It was just this selfish decision, and that extra second, made a huge difference of the history of the earth.

Another space probe popped into exactly the same location as the excited probe. It just went through a super nova. Though there was little damage, it had gone through hell and was super-heated and going at a ultra-speed. All its memory was temporary lost, and it was supposed to stay somewhere to heal. It was hard to believe that after so many million years of searching, two probes showed up in the solar system at almost exactly the same time, and unfortunately at exactly the same space. What were the odds of it? The number was so mind-boggling small that it made the lottery look like a sure win. But hey, as someone said, what happened, happened.

The late comer caused catastrophe effects on the former one. The Tisillium is indestructible. So the only thing that can destroy Tisillium is Tisillium itself. When the second probe suddenly appeared inside the first probe’s core, a chain-reaction of nuclear fission took place immediately. The power was so great that it darken the sun, pushed Jupiter in a new orbit and stopped planet Mars’s iron core from spinning. Earth was in the other side of orbit, so the effect of the explosion was at a minimum. After a long while, like the T-1000 in the movie Terminator 2, the remaining pieces of Tisillium started to cluster together, now no bigger than a truck, mostly was consisted of the late comer, who lost most of its memory even before the atomic fission. Could not figure out who it was and what it was supposed to do. A few atoms from the first probe reminded it that the target was the earth. So without much thinking (or not capable of doing so), the new stupid probe hit the earth like a bullet.

We all know that disaster took place 65 million years ago. It ended the domination of the dinosaurs and many other species. What we don’t know is that the meteor was not six miles wide. In fact, it was merely the size of a SUV, looked like a yellow bright globe, which obviously lost its mind.

Sadly, this globe was much more deadly than a 6-mile iron meteor.

The impact had raised inferno through half of the earth. Thick dust covered the sky globally for a thousand years. Most water was frozen into ice under the post-nuclear winter like atmosphere. Earth was plummeted into a lifeless icy cold planet. While her sister, Mars, without her magnetic field, was gradually stripped off the atmosphere and all the water due to the solar wind.

Solar system had lost her jewels. Billions of years of developments were gone in a matter of few years. All species on earth died in that disaster, not 50 percent, as today’s archaeologists say.

So you see, everybody died, even the earth once did. We all should not have existed at all. I don’t know it should be counted as lucky or unlucky, because the story didn’t end it there. The merged twin core of Tisillium played an important part of it.

The memory started to come back. The newly formed Tisillium core realized what a huge mistake it had made. Now he was in a dilemma. If he kept the planet as the way it was, and reported the incident to the base, saying, “Hi, guys, I got good news and bad news. Good news is that I found what you have been looking for in the last 6 million years. Bad news is that I killed them all.” He would surely be terminated. If he revived the planet lives and reported to the base. Soon enough his masters would find out that all lives on earth was “remanufactured”, and he would be dead too. He only had two choices. Either flew away and left the earth in death cold, pretending nothing had ever happened, or remanufactured the lives and hid somewhere so no other probes would find him.

Obviously even a space probe had a conscience, and strong responsibility. He started to rebuild life on earth. It was time to be God, and he was a lousy one. He hated the vicious dinosaurs, except the beautiful flying ones. He loved the fishes and the cute little mice in the ground. So when he remade lives, he purposely ignored the dinosaur remnants. All it took him was seven earth years. When he finished the work, he looked at a new earth with grass, flowers, fishes and little rats running around, and he was satisfied.

It was time for him to hide. The safest place, of course, was as far away from earth as possible. However, he found out that he couldn’t leave earth behind. All those creatures were his making. Even though they were not naturally born, they were like his children and he couldn’t abandon them. He was like the father of the earth. He couldn’t run away from his family, so he decided to hide in earth instead. He figured that if his masters found out what he did and terminated him, at least he had done enjoying his family time.

So he used strong electro-magnetic field to glue rocks to his body, until he became an island. Then he seperated himself into 9 Tisillium cores, and scattered them to different spots in the island. It was a design to save power, otherwise a single core would have to use much stronger electro-magnetic field to pull the whole island together. The biggest core store most of the energy, and was placed inside a cave with a water fall.

Before imposing as an island, he flew to the Sun and fully charged there. As a fake island, he couldn’t charge anymore, but it would be safe from the detection of other probes. He planned to recharge every million years. So for each million years, he would dump the rocks, fly to the Sun and recharge fully again.

In order to better avoid other probe’s detection, he would drift from one area to another. A time-space shield would be placed on the edge of the island so even earth lives would have a hard time finding him.

After all was done. He was contented and happy to be another “lost” probe. The only thing he feared was that some other probe found him and reported the earth’s coordinate back to the base. That would be the certain end of his life.

Little that he knew, his mother planets and all the super advanced civilizations were destroyed in an unprecedented scale of inter-galactic war. All probes were recalled and were rebuilt as weapons, except him. No probe or alien would come and kill him anyway.

63 million years have passed.

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