I think a perfect continuation of the Lost genre would be a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). Haven't seen much discussion of one, so figured I would start one here. Maybe someone with connections or influence could pitch these ideas to game studios?

The basic concept would be no different than any other MMO game. You'd be trapped on the island with other people, and would be encouraged to make connections and form communities, true to the Lost spirit. You would then have many adventures as you unfold the mysteries of the island. Here are some other ideas in no particular order:

  • Your character could be one of several "classes." In fantasy MMOs these would be like Warriors and Wizards, but in the Lost MMO you could create a doctor, or ex-Army soldier, or Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack employee. Each class would have certain specializations. Doctors could heal others, or soldiers could act as security and exploration detail.
  • Your character's adventure begins with you waking up on the island, confused and disoriented after experiencing some kind of disaster. All of a sudden a scary bug-eyed man approaches and says he needs your help. He says he's one of the good guys, but do you trust him?
  • There could be a new island conflict happening. Maybe the remnants of Dharma want their stations back, or someone else has discovered the location of the island. As a player, you must decide which faction you support. Your reasons for choosing one or the other could influence your connections with other players. Maybe you want to play a sinister force on the island and not a hero.
  • The folks at Myst Online are planning to release their world-building tools as open source. What if, in the Lost MMO, your character could create a part of the environment? What if you could build your own hatch? Other players might stumble on your creation and want to know what's going on inside.
  • The types of environments to explore would include underground tunnels, abandoned or unfinished Dharma stations, undiscovered Dharma stations, caverns, temples, villages, and of course the harsh jungle itself.
  • Your character could "infiltrate" another group. Maybe you want to recruit them to your group. Maybe you just want to observe. Maybe you have other devious plans.

As a current and experienced MMO player, I feel the Lost genre lends itself perfectly to an MMO game. The mysteries of the island are infinite, and no one would ever know the end. There could be an all new conflict happening, forcing players to choose their alignments and forge their destinies. It would be a wide-open continuation of the genre with the mythology well established but still open to interpretation. It would allow those who love and cherish the show to immerse themselves in the Lost universe, become a part of it, and even create some of it!

I encourage others to chime in with your ideas.

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