Let me start off by saying that the season finale in itself was a great episode. The ending with Jack and Christian was fantastic and I really enjoyed what the sideways ended up being. The only part I felt was sort of weak was how MIB died. This omnipotent character who was so powerful and put fear into so many eyes was shot in the back by kate!? of all people kate? anyways, many people are saying how it's nice that the writers left up a lot of mysteries up to interpretation. That would be fine if the mysteries they left unanswered were all small or unimportant. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Now, any good book, movie, or TV show is going to be written in order for the author to get across their ideas and their story. I don't want to create my own ending or my own answers or else I would write the show myself. I want to hear their answers to the story. Plus the fact that they basically said that none of the mythology/history/jacobMIB/others/dharma really mattered except for the fact that it helped Jack to let go was a little frustrating. While, I did enjoy the finale and thought that it was very emotional I did feel it was a little bit of a cop out.

btw, did anyone else feel bad for the MIB. He was such a tragic character. All he wanted to do was go home and no one would let him for a reason that is still unknown.

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