• Perdita

    Walt is the aura of death

    December 2, 2009 by Perdita

    During my personal Lost rewatch I followed Episode 14 in Season 1 with the title "Special" - it's a Walt centric episode. Well like the title says, Walt seems to be a key element in the life-death circle. Walt has been discribed as "different" and "certain things are happening around him". Walt seems to be the aura of death.

    - in S1E14 Walts mothers' condition gets worse; she dies one week later - at the same moment Walt is learning in a book about Australian birds; the picture he is looking at shows the bird that died a few seconds ago - Libby and Anna-Lucia had to die during Michaels rage against the Losties; Walt was kidnapped - When Locke was shot by Ben and lying in the Dharma-Purge-Hole nearly dying, Walt appeared and disappeared agaiā€¦

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