Apologies right off the bat if my title was misleading. I am not posting any kind of discussion or theories on quantum mechanics, time travel, or how these or related topics may apply to the LOST universe.

When I say "quantum leaps", I mean that in the most figurative sense. Like people who make ridiculous, convoluted speculations about characters, events, and concepts in the show that are absolutely without foundation in the context of what we've already seen and heard in the series.

I love LOST. I think it's a well written, well executed, well planned series. However, it never ceases to amaze me the lengths people will go to pretty much create mythology out of whole cloth.

Alison Janney was a smoke monster too? Why? What information have we ever seen that would truly support this? Lapidus is alive? Aaron is Jacob? Faraday is the Man in Black? Come on. It just gets a little tiresome.

Why do we want so much extraneous info from a show that is already telling us an epic, amazing tale? Last episode is a great example of this. The ENTIRE EPISODE was the story of why Jacob is what he is, and why the Smoke Monster is what it is. What more do we really need? Sure, there are nuances and details that will probably be left to speculation, but why go so far as to assume that there was a previous Smoke Monster, or that the reason MIB was able to murder his Mom was because she hadn't spoken first? The story is told, and unless it's revisited at some point in the final 3.5 hours of the series, we need to just accept that.

The writers and creators of the show obviously want to keep us guessing. It keeps us, in turn, watching the show to find out what happens. I fail to see the point of the fans trying to figure out every god-blessed detail of the show before its revealed, unless it's an attempt to seem smarter than everyone else, or even worse, an incredibly misguided undertaking by fans who don't really even understand what they've seen so far.

Making guesses and pondering the mysteries of LOST is one of the things that makes it so great. I guess I just don't get where all these weird quantum leaps are coming from. It makes logical sense to advance a theory that Richard Alpert may have been a slave aboard the Black Rock. MIB mentioned him "being out of those chains," and earlier in the series, Locke theorized that the Black Rock had been a slaving ship bound for a mining colony. But when people are inventing information and facts that we have absolutely no basis for, that kind of ruins the point of the show, and it might as well be fan fiction. Just my opinion.

I think in order to get the maximum enjoyment out of this show, we need to anticipate and desire the answers, while at the same time just sitting back and LETTING the story be told as intended.

End of rant.

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