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    Although there are still dozens of unresolved questions and whatnot, my take on the finale was that it reminded us that the show was clearly far more about the human condition and the characters growing and changing than merely a sequence of events and unraveling mysteries.

    Each character came to the island with a troubled past and something they needed to "let go" of. These flaws are a prerequisite for each character to become a game piece in the little game that Jacob and MIB are playing.

    To let go of your past, it requires that you make a choice to do so. Each character's experiences on the island helped them to do this, but they still had to come to the realization on their own that they could change, or that their past could be overcome…

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    Recently re-watching some Season 4 and 5 episodes, I was struck by an interesting question that I don't believe has been addressed on this site.

    If Christian-on-the-island was indeed the Man in Black whenever we've seen him, there are only two possible explanations for some of the continuity: 1. He traveled through time along with Locke 2. His "grand plan" to kill Jacob included the foreknowledge of the time skips that the other Losties and freighter folks experienced.

    When Locke climbed down the rope into the FDW well, Juliet, Jin, Sawyer, and Locke all were flashed back to a period before the well had been dug. Locke fell and broke his leg. Christian appeared and instructed John on how to fix the wheel and "Say hello to my son."

    How would M…

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    Apologies right off the bat if my title was misleading. I am not posting any kind of discussion or theories on quantum mechanics, time travel, or how these or related topics may apply to the LOST universe.

    When I say "quantum leaps", I mean that in the most figurative sense. Like people who make ridiculous, convoluted speculations about characters, events, and concepts in the show that are absolutely without foundation in the context of what we've already seen and heard in the series.

    I love LOST. I think it's a well written, well executed, well planned series. However, it never ceases to amaze me the lengths people will go to pretty much create mythology out of whole cloth.

    Alison Janney was a smoke monster too? Why? What information have we…

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    I have seen a lot of speculation around the site about how the OT and FST will be unified eventually. I believe this as well, but I had some thoughts on the means of this happening.

    Many people are saying that the FST characters experience flashes of the OT when they encounter someone they loved in the OT. I disagree that this is a general condition. I think that in some characters' cases, their meeting and/or falling in love with their counterpart is a distinct element of the OT that helps them bridge the gap between the two. Hurley and Libby, Charlie and Claire, Desmond and Penny, Sawyer and Kate. They're all bound by love in some form, but love itself is not the catalyst for bridging the OT and FST. Everyone has a different "constant" that…

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    After recent events concerning the Monster's interaction with Richard, Sawyer, and Sayid, I am starting to think that the whole Jacob vs. Monster situation is a classic portrayal of God vs. Satan. No big surprise there, but what interests me is the details and allusions that can be inferred.

    The Monster offers something to everyone he encounters. He dangles these things (respect to Richard, answers/escape to Sawyer, and presumably Nadia to Sayid) in front of them-- for a price. Join me, and you'll have this glittering prize that you took for granted as unnattainable. "Join me" means a lot of things in the context of what's been going on. It also means "make a choice". It also means "abandon Jacob".

    I have never subscribed to the idea that Ja…

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