I was hoping someone could clear up my confusion on this issue. Ben admitted to Locke (or UnLocke at the time) that he had never seen Jacob. His contact with him came only through Richard. Now, when UnLocke asks Richard to take him to Jacob, they go directly to the statue. This makes sense because Richard and UnLocke know that is where Jacob is going to be.

What I want to know is why in season 3 Ben takes Locke to the cabin. Obviously, he expected to put on his little charade and fool Locke. But how did he know about the cabin and not to use flashlights? He couldn't have expected Jacob to be there because if he did he wouldn't have taken Locke there. Then, in season 4 he continues to allow Locke to chase after the cabin and expects Locke to get an answer from Jacob about what to do (moving the island). Seems to me he should have known that it wasn't Jacob in the cabin. Is it possible that Ben, Richard and the rest of the Others were unaware of the Nemesis?

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