So I just finished another semester of a roomate and I do theatre, and he is also looking to go to graduate school for philosphy. So with his love of the arts and thinking and the fact that he had never seen Lost...I decided to show him one episode in September to try and get him hooked.I showed him Walkabout...he loved it of course. However, as the semester went on we could not find time to watch the show from season 1-6 like we had planned. As the semester went on I would watch random episodesand he would make smart ass comments to piss me off. Then last week I was watching m favorite episode Greatest Hits, there was a scene with Naomi talking about trying to rescue them and all that stuff...he says

"let me guess she dies and they can't get rescued"

So I was a little pissed and told him to watch Through the Looking Glass one day this week...well yesterday we did after we both were finished finals...I laughed at the end when it was reaveled to be a Flash Foward and seeing his face. We ended up watching season 4 up to The Other Women yesterday. He says he will end up buying the seasons and finish on his own...although I doubt he will...but I was happy to be able to recuit a new fan...or at least make him appreciate Lost.

After the episode The Economist...I started asking him about what characters he liked to see if he agreed with the norm of Lost fans...for the most part he did

He loves Locke, thinks Sayid badass, hates Kate..says she is a clingy girl. Although he is also not a fan of Sawyer...which I wasn't expecting...he says he thinks hes an asshole..I thought about season 1 at that moment and how much he needs to see. I told him he might like Sawyer more if he knew his backstory. He also said Hurley is useless..although he does seem to enjoy all the Hurley moments. I think he likes Desmond a lot more now. He loved The Constant.

It was a lot of fun re watching these episodes with him. It was great to be able to see things I had forgot about. It is also nice watching with someone who doesnt ask annoying questions. There were moments when I stopped to explain things and he looked at me and said to shut up he will figure it out. So thats that

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