Well throughout the series we have heard that John Locke is special. Then it season 5 it seems that the only reason John Locke thought that was because he was time travelling tlling the others that he would one day become their leader. But was he special. I saw a blog on here that reminded of how Ben told Locke that Locke brought his father to the island by the magic box. This reminded me of the opening scene in the season 5 finale when Jacobs enemy tells him he nos jacob brought the boat people to the island. Did Locke have Jacob like qualities?? was he special?? tell me what you think

The Man from Tallahasse

LOCKE: You're not going to start talking about the magic box again, are you?

BEN: No, John. I'm going to show you what came out of it.

BEN: I don't know how it happened, but you seem to have some communion with this island, John, and that makes you very, very important. You have no idea what you're talking about, of course, but in time you'll have a better understanding of things. So what do I want? I want to help you, John.

[Alpert opens the door to the cell. Locke cautiously looks inside of the room. Inside he sees Cooper, tied to a chair, gagged, and covered with cuts and bruises. He looks terrified.]


The Brig

LOCKE: Dad? What is this?

BEN: You tell me. You brought him here.

LOCKE: I didn't bring him here

The Incident

BLOND MAN: I take it you're here 'cause of the ship.

GRAY-HAIRED MAN: I am. How did they find the Island?

BLOND MAN: You'll have to ask 'em when they get here.

GRAY-HAIRED MAN: I don't have to ask. You brought them here.

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