I have not been on this discussion board for some time. So if this was already talked about (which I doubt it was) I apologize.

This isn't really much of a theory...I have been watching episodes from past seasons and I have seen promos that constantly remind viewers that after this season Lost is over. So i've been feeling like im walking down memory lane watching these episodes..remembering the first time I saw the episode..what my initial reaction was when I saw something happen.

This got me thinking to how I've read posts over the years about what a Vincent episode would be like. Ideas mostly about how Vincent sees things the survivors don't. I started thinking..even though they probably won't do great would it be to some how have the second to last or third to last episode of Lost be a Vincent episode..but instead of being another mystery be more of a clip show..we see things we have seen before from the pilot episode up to the episode before this would air..from the eyes of Vincent..we would also see moments that happened between major pivitial moments in Lost. We would also see more scenes with Libby and Hurley, Claire and Charlie, Bernard and Rose. Scenes between Michael and Walt, Locke and Walt. Yes I know that they probabbly have all the episodes mapped out if not written by now and even if they didn't some things I said would be impossible to shoot given Malcom David Kellys age but I think this would have been a cool episode. It is nice to think about...I guess im already starting to experience the emotions I will have when lost ends. lol

Any thoughts on this idea

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