When we first see the statue in the season 2 finale all that is left of it is the right foot with four toes. When Locke crashed on the island we see him moving his toes on his rigt foot. Then in Deus Ex Machina lost hurts his righ leg once again. In season 5 Locke is shot by Ethan again in his right leg, he injurs it once again in This Place is Death. Then in the season 5 finale Ilana asks Richard "what lies in the shadow of the statue" and he replys in a different language "he who will save us all" then Ilan dumbs the body of John Locke out right by the right foot four toed statue. Now I can just be going through lost withdraw..but im convinced that im not and im sure there is some importiance of John either injuring his right leg or both legs throughout the series and ending up in the shadow of the right foot statue. This could have just been clues to what would become of Locke..or there could be something more..any thoughts or theorys about what the hell this all means??????

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