well it seems every thinks that Jacob and Nemesis are on different sides one being good the other being evil, or as John Locke says one side is light the other is dark and I couldnt agree more. But we have all seen on LOST its not as simple as good and evil, there are alot of grey areas. Thats where I think Christian comes in. I think Christian is a Jacob and Nemesis like figure and he represents the grey. We have seen him in both dark a light suits and as we know lost can be very metaphoric. I dont think Christian has been a manifestation of the island like Yemi. I think he has a strong connection to the island...even if this theory is wrong. I have also heard theories that Jacob and his enemy are two different smoke monsters. I like this idea but I would like to point out that the Dharma Iniative called smokey Cerberus and in greek mythology Cerberus was the THREE headed dog that guraded the gates of hades. So if Jacob and his enemy are forms of the smoke monster then it would seem that there would be a third person who can take smokeys form. Now i know we have seen Christians father Ray but I dont think that is enough evidence to disprove my theory. That could be the writers trying to throw the audience off. I also wouldnt be surprised if all three of them are the son of Ray. How that would play out I dont

so there you go...I look foward to hearing your thoughts

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