So a few months ago I saw an idea to send messages to the cast and crew of lost in a bottle. I'm not exactly sure whos idea it was but im sure they had a picture of Sawyer as their default pic. Well a few days after that I sent an e mail to telling him that there are fans like myself who would like to do something to show are appreciation.The ODI post a lot of great Lost podcast and as even managed to get interviews with Jorge Garcia and Rebbeca Mader asking if he would help organize something. I got an e mail back asking what ideas we have exactly..I saw some peoiple on here saying they really like the message in the bottle idea....but before I email him back im wondering if anyone has any other ideas to what they would like to do if we did something. My hope is that with him organizing it we are able to get fans from many other site to participate in this. So..any other ideas?????

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