so we know he wasnt black smoke in season 5 when Sun and Frank saw him..because Ilana said he was stuck in Locke form

So I think he is what Sayid and Claire have become...claimed by MIB...hence the cabin Christian was working for MIB...I think season 1 when Jack saw him that was Black Smoke..trying to manipulate Jack

however I hope I'm like him to have a bigger role then that

also......perhaps MIB was Christian Shepard when he got Locke to turn the wheel..does anyone else think MIBs home is Tunisia..that is where you end up when you turn the wheel....maybe for some reason MIB cant turn that wheel even in human form...Jacob some how made it that way..or it was against the rules...and that is how he has been trapped on the island..and why he needs Sawyers help

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