• Pat108

    watching Lost till 3 am

    December 17, 2010 by Pat108

    So I just finished another semester of a roomate and I do theatre, and he is also looking to go to graduate school for philosphy. So with his love of the arts and thinking and the fact that he had never seen Lost...I decided to show him one episode in September to try and get him hooked.I showed him Walkabout...he loved it of course. However, as the semester went on we could not find time to watch the show from season 1-6 like we had planned. As the semester went on I would watch random episodesand he would make smart ass comments to piss me off. Then last week I was watching m favorite episode Greatest Hits, there was a scene with Naomi talking about trying to rescue them and all that stuff...he says

    "let me guess she dies and…

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  • Pat108

    Lost auction

    August 20, 2010 by Pat108

    On the lostpedia page about the auction it says we will be able to bid online....but it isnt clear on how to do this. Can someone help me out on this

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  • Pat108

    I was going to wait until I got the DVD but i'm bound to run into a spoiler. The sites i'm visiting have the link down. Is it off the internet, or can someone post a link where I can watch it? Thanks

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  • Pat108

    The Hatch and Season 6

    May 19, 2010 by Pat108

    I like how this season has mirrored the hatch.

    The button is containing the world from ending

    Jacob is keeping MIB from leaving the island and spreading evil

    You have the have the canidates

    and if all goes wrong with the hatch Desmond has a fail safe key.....this season if the canidates die...Desmond is the fail safe key.

    Just thought it was cool

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  • Pat108

    MIB...Free will?

    April 24, 2010 by Pat108

    MIB=Free will. To be able to have free will you must have the choice to do evil. Jacob has touched the losties, he has interfered with their lives and some point. MIB wants to leave the island, yet Jacob is the one keeping him trapped on the island. Therefore MIB does not have free will. Pehaps if MIB leaves the island the world will finally be free. They will have decesions to do evil. Jacob said if MIB leaves evil would enter the world. But people would be free to make or not make these decesions. In the new timeline they have free will.

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