The fellow in the taxi was not Jacob. It was Faraday, the character that could be Transcendent (e.g. God): outside of time-space, beyond the material universe, present before the alpha and after the omega.

Or he may be immanent: separate from creation. Mary is immanent because she has no stain of original sin and did not sin in her life. In LOST, FARADAY, WALT, HUGO, DESMOND are likely immanent. I know of nobody who plays chess with the dead. No soul I've met has survived a giant electromanetic toaster.

AS for demons, Mother, Jacob, MiB are third rate. Walt could just slammed MiB against a windshield over and over again. Walt may be transcendent. Only gods create; that's what he did at least once. Then he destroyed his creation.

Among the humans, the two polar opposites of virtue: Rose and Ben. Rose is the perfect example of "Thy will be done". Ben has all the same virtues; his motto is "My will be done".

No it is not the afterlife, it is this life we are speaking of. --Past recaptured 18:02, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

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