Now that we got Richard's back story, who's next?

I do not mean who is the Package's centric episode, I mean who's the next big one we may not see coming (granted most of us knew the Richard one was episode 9 for quite some time). I definitely did not believe the theories that we would get a whole backstory on Ricardos, I thought we would hear about it in present-day conversations, with the storytelling staying firmly rooted in the FST and flashbacks, well, a thing of the past. Now that they aren't necessarily tied down to flash-sideways and only flash-sideways structure for every episode, I would love to get a Jacob/MIB-centric episode that does the same thing Ab Aeterno does only explains the on-island mysteries (statue, Egyptian mythology , maybe the bringing of some of the first 'others' etc.). Any other thoughts on a character's background we need to see now that Richard's been taken care of, only got 9 hours left.

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