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February 9, 2010
  • Panglossa

    It is a bit outdated now, but I think it is an idea that was worth mentioning. What if Jacob was the actual biological father of the candidates? All of them have "father issues":

    • 1) Jack's father was a drunkard and had a secret second family. He also seemed to have some personal problem with Jack. Jack's mother would have had lots of time to be with another man in Christian's absense, and he suspecting Jack not to be his son would explain their problematic relationship.
    • 2) Kate's father... well, I remember that establishing WHO was actually her father was a problem. So, according to the old saying: if her mom was involved with two men to the point of not being clear which of them was her father, it is not impossible that there was a third on…
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  • Panglossa

    I mean, how many people have you had watching Lost? People that previously didn't know about it, or even hated or simply didn't find it was worth watching, and that now, thanks to your reasoning, is a fan? I myself have one single true conversion. She has been a Lost fan since the first time I told her about it. There is also a guy who didn't like it and now watches it regularly, not directly because of my advice but I have a part in it.

    I've been also trying to convice a girlfriend and other people to watch it, but to no avail, and I'd like to know if anyone else has been successful and what are the best arguments to use.

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  • Panglossa

    Game; bad, evil...

    May 16, 2010 by Panglossa

    People talk a lot about who is "good" and "evil" in Lost. But I think this is not really what the story is about. I see Lost going far beyond these shallow notions, judging both according to "external" factors (Lost is very different from all other TV shows, which almost always deal with this simple opposition) and "internal" factors. For the internal factors, I can give as an example: how many tames have we discovered that someone we considered "bad" was not really that? Or the opposite. And all the ones we have never been able to define aseither "evil" or "bad". One proof of that - I hate using the word "proof", but I'm going to make an exception here - is that even today we see hot discussions and arguments about some characters being "…

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  • Panglossa


    May 13, 2010 by Panglossa

    Well, we finally know that the-one-whose-name-cannot-be-pronounced and Jacob are brothers. That was the most obvious aexplanation in the beginning, when we first saw the monster in the form of Locke and realized what were his intentions towards Jacob. That is, this was maybe the first theory people came up with to explain what we knew at the time. If I remember, there was something like "only brothers, or at least relatives, could be so angry at each other at the point of one wanting to kill the other, but, even so, being unable to do it by their own hands". It is interesting how the writers deal with an obvious thing to make it so un-obvious to us! So many theories, so many dispute, arguments... and yet the most simple and human explanati…

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  • Panglossa

    If Widmore wants to protect the candidates, and if he needs Desmond so wildly to send his dear Zoe to send a message to the monster, then why does he have the brilliant idea of throwing mortars onto "Locke"'s camp? Doesn't he know that the monster can not be hurt that way? Doesn't he know the monster wants exactly to kill the candidates? So?

    His version of the sonic fence is also a joke. Even if the monster could not touch it, he could throw something (a rock, a person, a tree) on it and have a breach. Or it could have Sayid turn the power off...

    So, is Widmore such an idiot, or is he just pretending? Does he want the monster to underestimate him and his possibilities? Or, he is not "in Jacob's side", but on his own side, so it doesn't matte…

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