This prob. wont' make any sense but i'll try my best. AND obviously this is not how the show is going to end, but what if....

In the Dharma videos, Chang got all discombobulated when the two bunnies from diff. times came close. And he said dont' let them come in contact no matter what happens. BASED on that ... whatever is happening on the show right now cud be the same issue ? For instance the characters from the two flashes CANNOT come together (and I mean that literally). What if the reason that the smoke monster is scared of the ash is because somehow someway they are HIS ashes (i have nothing to back up how that would ever come to be, but anywhoo...). And he cannot come in contact with himself, even in ash form.

Besides the bunny, we did see Sawyer come back to another timeline and see Kate deliver the baby. It's a good idea that he didnt' run into himself :)

NOWWW what I DO think is a legit theory is that somehow when the 2 timelines collide, the characters (and their personalities will get mixed up). For example : Jack from island might die but, Jack from other FS will continue OR Hurley from island might die and Hurley from FS will join the rest of the cast OR Ben from island might survive and Ben from FS might die ....

Farfetched I know, but sounded good to me :)

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