This is in regards to a post a while ago about why Christian could be smokey and they asked for 1 reason why they couldnt'.

So here is my 1 "possible" reason.

When Locke fell down the well and broke his leg, Christian appeared. And when Locked asked him for help, or something to that matter, Christian said something like 'I can't do it, you have to get up and do it yourself' blah blah blah...

To me, that sounds like Jacob. Who has said before that, "I dont' do anything for them, I just give them a push in the right direction' or something like that......

In that scene, there were a lot of similarities between Christian and Jacob. Even so because he was carrying a lantern which we have seen in 'Jacob's cabin' before.

Thoughts ??

--Pagalpremi10 16:27, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

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