• Pagalpremi10

    The light was explained as "life, good, evil ..." etc. etc.

    Jacob = Good, can't lie. Jacob's brother = lies, kills, bad (theoretically speaking).

    My theory is that, IT'S BECAUSE his brother went into the light, it's dark and black. IF Jacob had (for some reason) gone in there, it might have been different smoke thingy (if that form is true for all that enter into the light).

    The light is a spiritual representation of your inner self. It is the 'source' (still think that's an homage to The Matrix) This kind of leads back to Locke who once said "I looked into the eye of the island, and what I saw is beautiful". That's prob. because Locke had a good heart.

    Just a theory....

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  • Pagalpremi10

    I know this is way out there but somehow I think this might be important ....

    - Rain has always been associated with Locke/SmokeMonster. - MIB said to jack, "you needed to find water". - The show's centerpiece is an island. - Ben released some water in a hole to summon the smoke monster to deal with Keamey. - Walt has appeared wet and unable to talk ; with water dripping out of his mouth. - Island has been shown 'under' water in season 6 premier. - FDW is in a well (actually not sure if there was ever water there).

    can anyone think of anything else legit ? and by legit i dont' mean, "they drink water on the island", or "off the island" or "on the sub" or "on the plane" etc. etc.

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  • Pagalpremi10

    Some Fun Stuff...

    April 22, 2010 by Pagalpremi10

    Not sure if anyone has seen it but there is an image out on the web, of Locke/SmokeMonster as the smoke escaping from the volcano in Iceland. I thought it was pretty funny...

    The caption reads " im sorry you had to see me like this "

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  • Pagalpremi10

    We've seen how everyone is coming around to realizing the other reality (and by that I mean actually seeing images like des and hugo). Weather it's love or an accident. Here are some thoughts on the one's left :

    Jack - I think (as many are assuming) he will not realize his thru Kate. I think in the episode "everybody loves hugo", there was some foreshadowing when he is talking to Hugo about Juliet and how he couldnt' saver her. So my theory is that Juliet will be the one to help Jack realize.

    Locke - We saw the accident. So maybe he realizes in the hospital.

    Kate - Last time we saw her, Sawyer was gonna arrest her ? after the chase ? So Kate and Sawyer will help each other realize.

    Sawyer - See above.

    Ben - This one is farfetched but what if Ben come…

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  • Pagalpremi10

    Sawyer : "What. You talk to wood now?"

    I was laughing for 10 minutes....

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