• Padrogue

    From what I've seen, a lot of people don't like Across the Sea.

    I actually liked it (not in its entirety, but most of it).

    I don't necessarily blame those who don't like it; to me it seemed done in a different style than previous episodes, and not necessarily in a good way. People say that the explanations offered in the episode were weak or cop outs. While I don't entirely agree, I can definitely see how it would be off-putting to some fans. It seems the thing most people dislike is the backstory as to why MIB is so eager to leave the island. People were expecting some much more sinister motive instead of a desire to run away. People also didn't like to see Jacob as a mama's boy (let's be honest here, he was), and finally people reall…

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  • Padrogue

    A possible origin of the OT/FST split JUST occured to me. In LA X, we saw that the statue was intact (although underwater), and in Ab Aeterno, we learned that the Black Rock destroyed the statue. So maybe in the FST, the Black Rock never arrived, Jacob never took Richard on as advisor, and possibly Jacob and MIB's feud ended decades ago.

    The thing is though, I'm not entirely convinced by my own theory. I also think it's possible that the timelines always co-existed, and will condense at some point in the future. The Pauli exclusion principle prohibits two particles from existing in the same quantum state, so the universes can never really "touch," unless there's some perversion of the laws of Quantum Mechanics. They've definitely come c…

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  • Padrogue


    March 25, 2010 by Padrogue

    I've seen a lot of theory about Jacob and MIB, with one being "good" and the other being "evil." There are definitely people who disagree, but the counter-arguments are scattered, so here's mine all in one place.

    I think that the labels "good" and "evil" can only really be applied to people's actions, not the people themselves. One very common theme throughout Lost is that people have both "good" and "evil" qualities. Mr. Eko was a notorious drug smuggler in Nigeria, but at the same time he still wanted to protect Yemi. Even though he was working to provide for Sun, Jin did some evil things in his work for Mr. Paik. Kate killed her stepfather to save her Mother from his abuse, but that doesn't change the fact that she still killed a m…

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