We've all seen the ship to ship combat that occurs between Jacket/Skate shippers and their Jate/Suliet counterparts. I (A guy shockingly) would like to say -without antagonizing my opposites- that I prefer the former, and I'd like to tell you why.

Seasons 1&2 were the beginnings of the Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle, and despite Jack being my favourite character (more on that later), I found myself enjoying the Skate moments. The game of "I Never...", Kate reading Sawyer's letter, the conversations about both being outcasts, it all made the pairing seem very strikingly appropriate and led to both characters improving themselves and becoming more likeable. Jack and Kate had some minor flirtation, but there wasn't any real click. You could sense a void, a disconnect between them due to being too different. Sawyer and Kate seemed to understand one another so much better. All this made poor Jack seem a little tragic though. But then came...

Seasons 3&4. Jack awakens in the Hydra and finds himself being imprisoned by Juliet, a character I found myself immediately intrigued by. She seemed a little rough round the edges to start with, but Jack shares that trait and it made their banter a nice distraction from the overbearing darkness of most of the third season. Jack's promise to get Juliet off the island, her sad understanding of Jack's past, the connection through their professions, and Jack lying to protect her from Isabel's tough justice made this my new favourite pairing and a nice counterpart to Skate. I felt now that the love triangle had been resolved. Kate's anguished declaration that she loved Sawyer and her refusal to leave him behind coupled by his self sacrificing efforts to order her to escape on her own had solidified Skate. Jack and Juliet's combined struggles to get off the island together reaffirmed Jacket. "There," I thought to myself, "They've all found someone who suits them perfectly and we can be done with all that previous nonsense."

Then came the tail end of Season 4 and almost all of Season 5 to rain on the parade. Juliet declares to Kate that Kate is the one Jack truly loves, despite his obvious convictions to the contrary. I felt this could be handwaved as Juliet still devaluing herself as she had in Not in Portland, but then... Sawyer jumped out of the damn helicopter. Despite the fact that Jack, Sun or especially Hurley jumping would have been much more in character and dramatic, they had Sawyer commit a now out of character act of cowardice by bailing out to avoid his responsibilities off the island. Sawyer and Juliet have a rather forced romance out of convenience for the next few episodes, but it didn't have those sweet sparks that came from Jacket and Skate. Jack and Kate's return to the island seemed to prove that Suliet was meaningless as Sawyer still obviously loved Kate and -whether he'd admit it or not- questioned his commitment to Juliet. Jack and Juliet got little time alone together after this, but you could get the sense that Juliet was feeling for Jack what Sawyer found himself still feeling for Kate. I think Juliet ultimately deciding to detonate Jughead symbolizes her commitment to Jack resurfacing after all those years. Her death seemed to give closure to the somewhat shallow Suliet.

Season 6 is so far supporting my feelings on this matter. What Kate Does strongly reminded me of the good old Skate moments in Seasons 1&2 and it seems fairly obvious David is Juliet's son, so maybe we'll get some more Jacket moments, I just hope to God Suliet doesn't resurface in Flash Sideways. It was an interesting look at what distance does to the heart, but I wouldn't call it true love.

Jack's always been my favourite because while he's not a superpowered Scot, a warrior/hunter, or a rocker, he's the best kind of everyman: The kind that doesn't portray the normal people as losers. He's got a mean dad and some drinking issues and sometimes life just wasn't fair to him, but he keeps picking himself up and taking responsibility for the massive weight on his shoulders. I felt Kate added to that weight, while Juliet was someone to help bare the load, an apt companion for our saviour/Moses figure.

Plus Jacket and Skate are actual words. Jus' sayin'.

Oyashenron 16:04, April 11, 2010 (UTC)Oyashenron

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