After the "Ooh! Shiny finale!" haze left my brain, I realized I was incredibly disappointed by how LOST ended. The final twist was okay at best and pretty predictable, the whole plug thing was incredibly anticlimactic, and I didn't care for the pairings they decided on. So I've decided to write the finale as I wish it had been. This blog outlines my ideas, but I think I'll write out two full versions (one in script form, one not) when I have more time.



  • Everything goes exactly the same as the real finale until Richard and Miles get to the outriggers. They see one of a pair of the small boats being pulled into the water by the Man in Black and an unknown group. They board the second outrigger and slowly approach MiB's. They find Frank floating in the water and pull him aboard. Frank, not a master of subtlety, picks up Richard's rifle and opens fire on MiB. Miles suddenly panics, realizing he's seen all of this before. Before he can warn Richard and Frank that the other outrigger actually contains the Time Travelers, Juliet shoots Frank dead and the TTs disappear in a flash of white light.
  • Cutting back to Jack's group trekking to the source, everything runs the same as the real finale until Desmond enters the source. The source looks similar to in the show, but instead of a phallic cork, there stands at the end of the room a massive panel of glowing hieroglyphic-ish images. These show tall, skinny figures (resembling Egyptian gods) facing the smoke monster. Desmond reaches out and touches the panel and his hand starts to burn with energy, he starts screaming as a loud, more intense version of the flashback sound effect starts up. We zoom in on Desmond's screaming face as his nose starts bleeding and a strange flashback begins.


  • Desmond stands on a pedestal resembling the architecture of the temple. He is semi-transparent or has a fuzzy outline (something to suggest he is not really there and is just observing). A tall figure resembling Anubis is gesturing magnificently to a massive (maybe millions) crowd of vague, tall figures. He gestures to a cork (like the plug) in the pedestal and yanks it loose. From the opening flies... the smoke monster.

Cue narration from Mother as the monster begins terrorizing the crowd: "Behold the folly of the man of science. In his lust for advancement, he created a tool for men to make themselves as gods. But in his overconfidence, he neglected to ensure that the tool itself did not become godlike." Desmond watches in horror as the massacre continues. He turns to find Mother standing next to him (she's fuzzy/transparent as well). Desmond gives her the same sort of look he wore when Locke destroyed the Swan computer. "You mean that thing- That smoke is-!?" "That smoke is a symbiotic being. It latches on to an organism and increases it's power a hundredfold." "So Locke is..." "Indeed. Your friend John Locke is still very much himself. He now holds the power and memories of all the previous hosts of that creature, but his actions are his own." "How did this happen?!" "We shall see." Cut to the Anubis figure on his knees in shackles. A figure resembling Tawaret opens a large space capsule and a bright light (the Source) shines from within. The monster is pulled into the light (this would look like the reverse of it's escape in Across the Sea) and the capsule closes. Tawaret touches a panel on the capsule and it launches itself into space. The flying capsule soon crash lands on a planet we recognize as Earth and falls into the sea. In a fast-motion sequence, we see sediment build up on the capsule until it is recognizable as The Island. Desmond is now standing on the beach, looking confused and frightened. The flashback sound shocks him back to reality and the flash ends.


  • There is a sound of powering down and the light behind the panel goes out. The island begins to quake and we cut to Richard and Miles on the beach of Hydra Island. Richard tells Miles he can fly a plane, jokingly referencing that Herarat needed to be a believable cover, but says he is unable to fly without a co-pilot. Miles radios Ben, telling him the news. Ben's eyes open in an "ah-ha!" sort of way as he tells Richard that Jack's file mentioned him being trained as a pilot for small planes. Richard says that'll do for a co-pilot (it's TV, who cares?) and asks where Jack is. Cue Jack and Locke dashing out of the cave. They squabble for a moment and Jack draws blood, revealing Locke is mortal once again. Locke punches Jack and runs off into the jungle toward the Orchid station. As Jack wipes blood from his lips, Ben informs him of the plan to escape. Jack responds that he has to stop Locke, but he'll meet them on Hydra Island with Desmond. Kate looks worried, but Sawyer gives her a reassuring smile that he passes to Jack as well (nice moment to show they're still friends after all the trouble they've been through). "If there's one thing I've learned from watching this idiot work himself to death, it's that he can handle himself." Jack smiles, "Find Claire for me. Make sure she gets out of here okay." "You got it, Doc." Everyone prepares to leave, but a tree falls and pins Ben. As they try to free him, he stops them and tells them to go on without him, "I won't let all of you die to save me. Call this my apology for everything I've done to you." Ben is almost in tears as they nod and run for the other island. He looks into the sky and quietly whispers, "Juliet... I'm sorry."
  • Jack finally catches up to Locke and finds him in the Orchid greenhouse. The quakes become more violent and the whole outer structure rolls away, leaving the frozen wheel chamber exposed. The ice begins to melt rapidly, creating a sea of mist as Jack descends into the chamber to find Locke facing the wheel in triumph. The wheel is flashing back and forth off it's axis from the quake as Locke grips it. Jack shouts "LOCKE!!!" Locke spins, pulls his knife and the battle begins. Everything goes pretty much the same (minus Jack getting stabbed), until Locke has the knife to Jack's throat. He laughs, "You know what, Jack? Juliet... she gave me my way out of here. I'm going to use my brother's failsafe against him. So even if you manage to beat me here, I still win. She died for NOTHING." Jack roars in rage and twists the knife around, stabbing Locke in the throat. He kicks Locke into the wall containing the wheel and the structure collapses, exposing the light. Locke roars in pain as his body dissolves into black smoke that burns up in seconds. Jack gets up and runs toward the shoreline.
  • Cut to Sawyer, Hurley, and Kate at the dock on the Elizabeth. Kate insists they have to wait a few more minutes for Jack to get back, but Desmond comes running out of the jungle as the quakes rock the boat, shouting for them to get moving. The quakes stop and Jack runs out after Desmond. He smiles wearily, "I just pushed Locke into that light and it turned back on." Desmond has a "eureka" moment and whispers "A prison... of course..." to himself. The quakes suddenly resume as the space capsule begins tearing it's way out of the ground, knocking over the now erupting volcanoes. Desmond watches in awe and shouts, "It's going BACK!!!" Sawyer gives him an urging expression, "Well that's just dandy, Flying Scotsman, but if you don't mind, why don't we GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE?!" Everyone boards the Elizabeth and they bring it over to Hydra Island.
  • Cut to Miles and Richard patching up the damaged plane. Miles is atop the windscreen and looks up in awe as the space capsule begins it's ascent, "HOLY CRAP!!!" A shot rings out through the jungle. Claire has arrived and is firing threateningly into the air, "Not again! You can't leave me behind again!" Jack and the others arrive and Jack shouts, "Nobody gets left behind. Not this time!" Richard and Jack hop into the pilot and co-pilot seats and start powering up the plane as Miles ushers everyone aboard. Sawyer and Kate sit together and Miles sits down next to Claire. In a little comedic moment he gives her a flirty smile and she responds with her usual crazed expression. Hurley grabs Jack's shoulder, "What about protecting the island, Jack?" Jack frowns, "Whatever that energy is, it looks like it's trying to recharge. With the smoke thing dead, what's to stop it?" Miles stands and walks over to them, "Linus said he heard Widmore mention there's a failsafe for something like this. Now can we just go?!" Jack nods and they start down the runway. As they take off, the capsule shoots into space. Richard and Jack, watching in awe, don't notice another plane approaching. The Ajira plane collides with this other plane (imagine how badass that would look!), breaking off it's wing and crippling the front section. It falls rapidly toward the ocean and explodes as it hits the waves.

PART 2 Coming soon with the FST events and an explanation of the other plane and the failsafe/recharge.

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