A Poetic Summary of LOST

This is just a quick poem I wrote summarizing the events of Lost symbolically.

Open Eyes

I open my eyes and what do I see?

I see a bird with wings of steel falling down on me.

Shot down by a hunter with the best of intentions.

Ready to use every bit, right down to the hollow bones.

I see Alice trying to find her way out of Wonderland.

I see a wizard trying to hide behind a curtain of omnipotence.

I see nobody. Nobody is the greatest of us all.

I open my eyes and what do I see?

Swaying branches in the canopy.

Secret weapons lie next to me.

I see a man with blood still dripping from his hands.

I see her, the beauty that would kill the beast.

I see him. The seeker of the faith he claims to hold.

I open my eyes and what do I see?

Him, he’s gone, but here he walks free.

Someone I can’t touch, someone I will one day be.

I see the black beauty.

I see the lord Beelzebub.

I see the friend that was never a friend.

I open my eyes and what do I see?

I see the failure, the capture of three.

The hunter’s children, picking at the scraps of the fallen bird.

Still with the best of intentions.

I see Alice.

I see the Wizard.

I see what I never wanted to see.

I open my eyes and what do I see?

A great light shines before thee.

Vanishing my love once again.

Taking her away with the thief that once was my friend.

I see Alice fall down the rabbit hole.

She sees the looking glass.

She’s lost in wonderland.

I open my eyes and what do I see?


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