• Oyashenron

    After the "Ooh! Shiny finale!" haze left my brain, I realized I was incredibly disappointed by how LOST ended. The final twist was okay at best and pretty predictable, the whole plug thing was incredibly anticlimactic, and I didn't care for the pairings they decided on. So I've decided to write the finale as I wish it had been. This blog outlines my ideas, but I think I'll write out two full versions (one in script form, one not) when I have more time.



    • Everything goes exactly the same as the real finale until Richard and Miles get to the outriggers. They see one of a pair of the small boats being pulled into the water by the Man in Black and an unknown group. They board the second outrigger and slowly approach MiB's. They …
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  • Oyashenron

    This is just a quick poem I wrote summarizing the events of Lost symbolically.

    Open Eyes

    I open my eyes and what do I see?

    I see a bird with wings of steel falling down on me.

    Shot down by a hunter with the best of intentions.

    Ready to use every bit, right down to the hollow bones.

    I see Alice trying to find her way out of Wonderland.

    I see a wizard trying to hide behind a curtain of omnipotence.

    I see nobody. Nobody is the greatest of us all.

    I open my eyes and what do I see?

    Swaying branches in the canopy.

    Secret weapons lie next to me.

    I see a man with blood still dripping from his hands.

    I see her, the beauty that would kill the beast.

    I see him. The seeker of the faith he claims to hold.

    I open my eyes and what do I see?

    Him, he’s gone, but here he w…

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  • Oyashenron

    I've just been thinking about the series as a whole, and I've realized that everything that's happened lately was foreshadowed clearly in the first half of the show. Jacob, the Man in Black, the looming apocalypse, the candidates, the "game", the source, the fail-safe, all of it was talked about very early on. Sometimes without me even realizing it.

    The conflict between Jacob and Esau (It seems he won't be named, so that name works) was made clear in the pilot as many already know. When Locke explained Backgammon, he said there were two sides, one light, and one dark. Jacob is light, Esau is dark. Locke also explained that the game was older than Jesus Christ, as the conflict between light and dark seems to be. This explanation of the world a…

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  • Oyashenron

    We've all seen the ship to ship combat that occurs between Jacket/Skate shippers and their Jate/Suliet counterparts. I (A guy shockingly) would like to say -without antagonizing my opposites- that I prefer the former, and I'd like to tell you why.

    Seasons 1&2 were the beginnings of the Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle, and despite Jack being my favourite character (more on that later), I found myself enjoying the Skate moments. The game of "I Never...", Kate reading Sawyer's letter, the conversations about both being outcasts, it all made the pairing seem very strikingly appropriate and led to both characters improving themselves and becoming more likeable. Jack and Kate had some minor flirtation, but there wasn't any real click. You could se…

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