Why are only 6 stations designated with a number in the DI?

The Swan= 3 of 6

The Pearl= 5 of 6

The Orchid= 6 of 6

The Arrow= 2 of 6

The Staff= unknown

The Looking Glass= unknown

The Lamp Post= unknown ( I would call this station 0 of 6 since it helps find the island and was probably used to first locate the island as well)

The Flame= 4 of 6

The Hydra= unknown

The Tempest= unknown

If we were only shown 6 stations then I would understand, but with there being 9 stations on the island and 1 off the island

Kind of makes you wonder how many stations the DI really have, or why designate 6 of them and leave off at least 3.

Also which station would say is STATION 1 OF 6? I'm going to say the Hydra.

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