I know that alot of fans thought season 2 was the slowest, most uneventful season of the series.

I don't understand why I'm thinking about LOST after just waking up and why season 2 was the thing I was thinking of, but oh well. I was thinking that without season 2's button pushing maniacs the whole idea of Jughead possibly bringing our '77 Losties home to 2008 may not have existed. Because without the button pushing, we may not have found out about the Pearl and then seeing just exactly how much force the Swan had when the electromagnetic anomaly was released.

I can't think of any OTHER why to introduce one of the most interesting antagonist to ever appear on TV without Ben Linus's possible screw up in getting trapped in Roussous net trap and having us believe that he was this random guy who crashed on the island before the plane; obviously we now know that he is just a big liar and to me that is one of the most interesting character setups I've ever seen.

Season 2 was to me obviously one of the weaker seasons of the show, but it did help create the idea of what the Dharma Initiative was really about, it helped set-up the rivalry between The Others and the losties, it started the idea for the Egyptian side story about the island's early history.

Season 2 was the definitive season of LOST and I believe without it we wouldn't be where we are today, or yesterday, or tomorrow....OR WHERE EVER THE HELL WE ARE!!!

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