• Outlaw2448

    The sickness has returned.

    February 10, 2010 by Outlaw2448

    From the time I started watching LOST and heard about the sickness I always thought of it as a virus. Like influenza.

    I never thought of the sickness as a possible relation to whatever the hell is going on with smokey or MiB or both. After watching this episode in action the others seem really concerned about smokey and the fact that they gave Sayid medicine gives me a strong feeling about the smoke monster and the sickness.

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  • Outlaw2448

    It's not far fetched, in fact that is probably a reasonable theory.

    Sayid returning from what everyone said was death is no coincidence. Locke returned in the form of the MiB

    I like the alternate universe storyline, and I"m excited for the next 17 weeks of stories

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  • Outlaw2448

    I found out something about an actor who will have a part in an episode this last season, would it be a spoiler if I were to tell you who this actor was???

    If so I won't say a thing, other than I'm excited. If it's not then I will say who it is after some feedback.

    I can't wait for season 6.

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  • Outlaw2448

    The Swan= 3 of 6

    The Pearl= 5 of 6

    The Orchid= 6 of 6

    The Arrow= 2 of 6

    The Staff= unknown

    The Looking Glass= unknown

    The Lamp Post= unknown ( I would call this station 0 of 6 since it helps find the island and was probably used to first locate the island as well)

    The Flame= 4 of 6

    The Hydra= unknown

    The Tempest= unknown

    If we were only shown 6 stations then I would understand, but with there being 9 stations on the island and 1 off the island

    Kind of makes you wonder how many stations the DI really have, or why designate 6 of them and leave off at least 3.

    Also which station would say is STATION 1 OF 6? I'm going to say the Hydra.

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  • Outlaw2448

    LOST Rewatch problem

    July 31, 2009 by Outlaw2448

    So I know that we are only in season 2 of this Rewatch business, but what happens when season 5 rolls around? isn't anywhere close right now into getting ALL of season 5 up on it's website. uses as it's source for videos.

    The DVD/Blu Ray doesn't come out until December 8th. Exactly 5 weeks after we start season 5 in the rewatch.

    Does anyone have an idea as to what we should do if we can't watch these episodes on or Hulu?

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