Einstein on page 150 of his "popular" explanation of Relativity Copy right 1961 by his estate reminds us that the special theory of relalivity exist in minkowski spaces of exactly four dimensions. It is on faraday's chalk board. there was a fellow named minkowski on the freighter. He was the radio man (electromagnetic waves. on page 146 Einstein mentions maxwell's prediction of electromagnetic waves. Faraday is mentioned on that same page. But the general theory, einstein admits is less well appreciated by the physicists of the mid-20th century. But Einstein sticks to 4 dimensions: 3 spatial and 1 temporal. So today we have the string theory: 10 spatial dimensions and 1 temporal. Faraday's choice is between Einstein and most of the rest of theoretical physics. in essence, we are sure that is a string theory to bikinis (H-bomb blows up island named Bikini, think Jughead), music (Faraday's piano and other instruments) and yo-yo's. However, do the words string and physics belong in the same sentence? What did Daniel decide? And you thought being dead was a problem!--Ottavio10 21:16, February 11, 2010 (UTC)

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