richard alpert, desmond hume, and frank lapidus have all been voyagers with secrets that make them flawed. Yet they are leaders because they have mastered themselves. Lapidus is a candidate for this reason. He is the man who may fight MIB. desmond is the man MIB wants to trade places with; he wants his odyssey and his penelope. Faraday has frustrated him. desmond will sail no more, he is the fixed point. Richard will be freed; jacob's death freed him.

But there will be two warriors taking richard's place. sawyer and locke are linked. Sawyer served his master well. He killed the wicked father of locke. Conversely, sayid and ben are linked. the former turned the latter into the man who become sayid's master.

ben and locke are old men in a country not made for old men. Again Yeats' Sailing to... Sawyer and sayid will fight for their masters eternally. Wordsworth -- the child is father to the man but not for these two.

charlie may not die, may not end a washed-up rocker (literally). danny faraday will pull a vishnu (incarnation number ten "kalkin") and save rock and roll.

This the cyclic theory of history alla Vico (this is the genius who re-invented the concept of history) or Jung (Archetypes).

OR St Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Dante, and Christianity are vindicated. Jacob says IT ONLY ENDS ONCE. Sheppard takes his cue from St. John and finally decides which of the flock will become sweaters and which will become supper. recall the last supper was passover. Lamb is the main course at every passover since moses preside over the first.

Who will explain all this? Moses' brother, AARON in the latter case. Walt the most gifted of the children. In the process, he may save his father.

In Christianity death is death 99.9999% of the time. In Jung's universe, death is just a spin in the cycle--Ottavio10 19:28, February 12, 2010 (UTC)

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