Ottavio10 February 11, 2010 User blog:Ottavio10

OK, WHO wants to be god. I cannot promise the salvation thing. Walking on wateris optional. Peter sellers did it in Being There As Martha Stewart would say it's a good thing.

Existence: wait for proof from CERN of "the God Particle" (sounds like higgins bison, like Hebrew, i chane the vowels and left the consonant as constants)and the production of at least one magnetic bottle of anti-matter. If you do know what I talking about, STOP HERE.

Attributes of God: He must be able to disprove Godel's Theorem. This would shatter Heisenberg priciple and make redundant Schrodinger's cat. He would be able to prove HILBERT's program & complete Einstein's labor on UNIfied  field (aka the TOE missing from a certain submerged stone giant). Forget the heart of the matter, it's the foot. Methinks MIB smoked too much and Jacob knitted to excess. They should have reading Hofstadter: Godel EScher BachItalic text  which states the the problem in merely 770 pages. Faraday was right: math = music--Ottavio10 16:36, February 11, 2010 (UTC)

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