I think that Lost is Jacks final moments before he dies, where life flashes before his eyes... He is not dead YET on an island that can :

a) "spiritually" be a portal to the "afterlife" , through reincarnations in order to redeem or find the real purpose in life
b) "science fictionally" be a place of extreme EM energy able to make you see, live, travel between alternate universes, for the exact same purpose

The FST OR AFTERLIFE IS the final stage before you can "move on" either "spiritually" in "heaven" or "science-fistionally" to an other dimension "alive" with the people you are really connected to and love (which is pretty much the same thing)....

This explains Christians final (allegoric or literal) words that the island is REAL capable (whatever way you perceive it) of giving second chances to flawed people and that they all DIED in whatever “space-time dimension” or “reincarnation”

Taking into consideration that this is JACKS story then the people that Jack needs in order to “move on” are the people that had an impact on HIS “multidimensional” life or “reincarnations” which explains why we have those specific people in the church and not others and why Christian is the leader of HIS MOVING ON….

IT is all a question for the viewers to find out whether they are men of faith or science. Whatever storyline works for them. Whichever the case may be the writers suggest that all you need is LOVE

What do you think?? --Otare 16:58, May 27, 2010 (UTC)

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