I rewatched S6 and noticed how decisions of FST and OT that the characters make are entangled!!! Almost parallel and real time. I Think that FST clearly shows us the significance - concequence of someones choice in the OT and vice versa. So we have alternate timelines but one consciousness. Example: Ben backs down on his plan to take the principles job the same time he decides not to side with Flocke. (makes me believe now that he is conning Flocke, since his FST reality becomes "better")

Now, we are at a point in the story were the real adversaries are Jack and Flocke in the OT, while in the FST "letting go" resenting, miserable and confined to a wheelchair Locke finally meets Jack and asks him to "Fix" him. I think that Jack will fix him and that for six years we have been watching Lockes Walkabout...

What do you think???

--Otare 10:51, May 20, 2010 (UTC)

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