Otare May 13, 2010 User blog:Otare

I was, as a lot of people in this site, very disappointed after watching "Across the sea"

So i entered lostpedia to find some comfort, and then it STRUCK me!!!

We saw how naive was the episode in giving us answers and disappointing everyone...


It depicted an era where people were NAIVE in understanding what the "source" of life is...

Then we have the 50's (does anyone remember??)

THEN we have the dharma initiative using "technology" to use the "source" ...

Which leads me to " They come, they corrupt... The rest is PROGRESS" and i would finish this phrase by adding

"in capturing the very essence of life"

(i am keeping my fingers crossed)

--Otare 10:19, May 13, 2010 (UTC)

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