• Otare

    FUNNY HOW...

    May 29, 2010 by Otare

    It's funny how days after "THE END", "haters" (previously including me)and "lovers" of the finale are trying to reconcile arguments... It's funny how we all work together trying to solve the mysteries, by really listening to what other people say, accepting what they are saying, doubting perhaps, but still helping each other in a more sincere way, instead of calling each other names..;P

    Is this our last attempt not to throw a very influencial series in the garbage OR is this what makes Lost a masterpiece???

    What do you think?? ( i for one am not sure)

    --Otare 10:31, May 29, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Otare

    I think that Lost is Jacks final moments before he dies, where life flashes before his eyes... He is not dead YET on an island that can :

    a) "spiritually" be a portal to the "afterlife" , through reincarnations in order to redeem or find the real purpose in life b) "science fictionally" be a place of extreme EM energy able to make you see, live, travel between alternate universes, for the exact same purpose

    The FST OR AFTERLIFE IS the final stage before you can "move on" either "spiritually" in "heaven" or "science-fistionally" to an other dimension "alive" with the people you are really connected to and love (which is pretty much the same thing)....

    This explains Christians final (allegoric or literal) words that the island is REAL capable …

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  • Otare

    The only way i can reconcile every argument and debate about Lost is this:


    If you are a man of faith:

    the island is "real" in the context of being a "portal" to the afterlife (like the moment where before you die, life flashes before your eyes and thus you are not dead YET), where the "light" is conceived as a source of life, and different "lives" are called reincanations.

    If you are man of science (fiction?):

    the island is "real" in the context of being a "wormhole" to alternate universes , where the "light" is conceived as Elecromagnetic Energy, and different "lives" are alternate lives in space-time.

    WHAT DO YOU think?? --Otare 11:08, May 27, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Otare

    what makes sense....

    May 24, 2010 by Otare

    Been reading the blogs because, like most, all i saw in "THE END" was inconsistencies.. I get the part were they are all soulmates

    OK! So i have a little question...

    WHEN did they all die???? Do we Know?? Have they been dying over and over again?? Plane crash- freighter- Ajira- Bomb? Trying to "let go"???

    OR did they die just once?? oceanic 815... and the island is part of the purgatory so pretty much everything is imaginary and the writers could do whatever they wanted???

    And most of all Who's story is this??? Jacks??

    Any suggestions?? any Help??

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  • Otare

    How about This????

    May 20, 2010 by Otare

    I rewatched S6 and noticed how decisions of FST and OT that the characters make are entangled!!! Almost parallel and real time. I Think that FST clearly shows us the significance - concequence of someones choice in the OT and vice versa. So we have alternate timelines but one consciousness. Example: Ben backs down on his plan to take the principles job the same time he decides not to side with Flocke. (makes me believe now that he is conning Flocke, since his FST reality becomes "better")

    Now, we are at a point in the story were the real adversaries are Jack and Flocke in the OT, while in the FST "letting go" resenting, miserable and confined to a wheelchair Locke finally meets Jack and asks him to "Fix" him. I think that Jack will fix him…

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