Who's the next regular to "bite the dust"? Which main character do you think will be next one to get a red frame on their portal pic? Cast your votes and please state why do you think he/she will be getting a mention on the Life and death and Body count articles. My opinions are as follows, for every single main character:

  • Jack - Safe till the finale.
    • Perfect death scene: Dramatic finale scene in an important event such as ending the war, saving the Island or just the world.
  • Alt Jack - No way, really!
    • Perfect death scene: Old age.
  • Kate - Same as Jack, though less likely IMHO
    • Perfect death scene: Claire kills her for taking "HER BAAAAAAAAAAABY!". Also, gets shot by Juliet on the outrigger chase.
  • Alt Kate - More likely than Alt Jack, especially as we got her alt story already and I think she filled her position in the alt timeline
    • Perfect death scene: A shootout with other alt versions of orig timeline characters, maybe something ironic, like alt Wayne or alt Juliet (something I think she wanted to do ever since "He's Our You")
  • Sawyer - As hard as it is to say, his chances are much higher than most of us want.
    • Perfect death scene: Breaks MiB's manipulation by turning against him in an as-awesome-as-it-gets redemption climax.
  • Alt Sawyer - We don't know enough about Sawyer X, so it's early to talk about him
  • Hurley - Highly unlikely, though after Juliet not unexpected I might add
    • Perfect death scene: An explosion or a discharge-like event, as there isn't a single fan who can actually bear to watch Hurley dying from a loss of blood or strangulation.
  • Alt Hurley - No way!
    • Perfect death scene: Old age.
  • The Man in Black - As sure as Ben about anything in S3
    • Perfect death scene: Killed by Sawyer or Ben. The first's act will be really redemptive in a way, while the latter's would have a great significance about how good and evil, black and white may actually be similar or something, well... at least it'll look good on Ben's article
  • Alt Locke - Depends on the role course correction gets in alt.
    • Perfect death scene: Killed by Ben - fate.
      • Additional scenarios: Kills Ben in order to save his life - free will. Ben saves his life with or without sacrificing himself - Irony
  • Ben - Likely
    • Perfect death scene: Anything epic. From a redemptive end, to a villain end, Ben's death will rock! Not that I want him dead, it's just that someone as awesome as Ben will have an awesome end whether he dies while making our hearts break, or make us want him to suffer. Though as complex as he is, I personally think that Emerson, as an actor deserves an episode where he can express his acting genius, something not dissimilar to "Dead Is Dead" where he can redeem and touch us, while still showing all of his million layers. Can't wait for Ben's centric in S6.
  • Alt Ben - See Alt Sawyer.
  • Sun - So-so.
    • Perfect death scene: Anything after she reunites with Jin. Killed by a Widmore goon after she kills Widmore would be fun to see, as I think after "Because You Left" they now must be at least partially hating each other. Also, the producers owe it to her after saving Ben from her in "This Place Is Death".
  • Jin - Higher than Sun.
    • Perfect death scene: Not so soon after reuniting with Sun he dies trying to save her/Ji Yeon followed by a flash-forward in which Sun presents him as a hero to her daughter. May even fit in the Sun/Widmore scenario.
  • Alt Jin and Alt Sun - Not enough info.
  • Miles - Dangerously high.
    • Perfect death scene: Dies in the war. I can really picture him being a casualty of the war without a giant meaning to his death, like a big explosion or saving a lot of people. I think that kind of death is reserved for Sawyer, Ben or Ilana.
  • Ilana - Unsure.
    • Perfect death scene: Saves the survivors by kicking MiB's ass. She seemed really disturbed bu Jacob's death which may fuel her anger enough for her to want to kill him, though not in a Bram-style fashion, something bigger.
  • Alpert - Too immortal to be sure.
    • Perfect death scene: Blow the Black Rock and the dynamite in it while in there with MiB.
  • Lapidus - Too mortal to be sure.
    • Perfect death scene: Nothing! I want him alive more than Ben and Sun, even though they are my favourite characters.
  • Desmond - Too absent to be sure.
    • Perfect death scene: Though I don't think he will, I'd personally would like to see him continuing the constant/time travel/flashes storyline he had. Maybe dying from temporal displacement while saving the others in an attempt to become their constant or something. Or performing an ultimate flash in which he saves someone (Penny?) by sacrificing himself while hopelessly trying to prevent course-correction.
  • Alt Desmond - Not likely.
    • Perfect death scene: Sacrifices to save Charlie P. in this timeline, or to save Penny.
  • Claire - Likely
    • Perfect death scene: Anything after some Aaron and Kate action would be fine, maybe as the first casualty of the war (She always seemed so innocent, maybe symbolizing innocence as the first casualty of war).
  • Alt Claire - No way!
  • Sayid - Unsure. While it is really clear he is one of the most expendable characters on the show (I mean many people were far more scared about whether Juliet lives, than whether he lives), though it will look stupid to have him resurrected just to kill him again (It will be waaaaaay too Heroes-y and way too cheap).
  • Alt Sayid - Not enough info.

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