Choose from any character to ever appear on the show and hasn't appeared in alt yet or is known to have died prior to the events of 1977. I would personally love to see Alt Tom Friendly, Alt Eko, Alt Danielle Rousseau (though unlikely as she was definitely on the Island when it submerged and Mire Furlan refuses to come back on the show), Alt George Minkowski and Alt Pierre Chang. Tom was too nice on-Island to not have a great life out of it, Eko's moral dilemma could've had an interesting twist had he stayed in the outside world, Minkowski is just a great character I really miss and I started loving Pierre so much as Season 5 was ending I would do anything to see him again. Off-Island Rousseau is something I think everyone wants to see, partially because of the interesting twist this may add to her character and because of Rousseau's flashback we were promised but never actually got.

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