After seeing the "Lighthouse of Alexandria" reference on the Lighthouse's article I considered a possibility that all seven ancient world wonders are represented somewhere on the Island. So far I've identified two other possible on-Island buildings that may refer to some of the Seven wonders of the ancient world. Let's review:

  • The Lighthouse is the clearest parallel to an off-Island wonder, The Lighthouse of Alexandria. The one in Alexandria was constructed in 279 BC by Alexander the Great's heir in Egypt - Ptolemy Soter. It served as dock and later as it was supposed, as Alexandria's lighthouse. Like Lost's it used fire and mirrors to reflect light though I doubt Cleopatra wrote the names of her suitors on its dials. It was destroyed somewhere between 1303 and 1408 by an earthquake (a foreshadowing maybe :P).
  • Speaking about the Statue of Taweret, which is the second on-Island construction to find it's way on the list, because of it's parallels with Colossus of Rhodes (at first I considered The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, though I think that the Colossus fits better =]). The Colossus of Rhodes is a statue dedicated to Greek god Helios, the Greek god of the Sun, built roughly the same time as The Lighthouse of Alexandria, destroyed much earlier in 226 BC (making it the only Wonder confirmed to be destroyed prior to the new era). Also destroyed by an earthquake (hmmm... I wonder what crashed Lost's statue).
  • I conclude my list with The Temple, a parallel to The Temple of Artemis and The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. I considered the first one only at first though the Temple of Artemis looks nothing like the one on Lost, so I decided to you choose which one do you think it may refer to. I bet it's the latter, mostly because the way it was destroyed somewhere after 100 BC... you guessed it, an earthquake. The Temple of Artemis was destroyed in 356 BC, AD 26 or AD 391 by arson or looting.
  • If you have other ideas about on-Island constructions representing off-Island ones (even non-7 Wonders of the Ancient World ones) please comment about it =].

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