After reading through numerous reviews, complains, criticism and praise over season 6's start I felt obligated to state my opinion. I personally think that people are focusing to much on how everything relates and how everything will end up being answered. The most popular opinion being the if the alt timeline doesn't cross paths with the original timeline that the flash-sideways would be useless. I disagree. I mean how else would we get the true "Lost" feeling of how the characters grew and matured over the course of the series if not by a strong contrast in the flash-sideways, even more so, what's the point of all the "Jacob brought you here"/"The Island brought you here"/"It is your destiny" talk in the original timeline if we don't get the picture of how their lives would look like had they not been manipulated by Jacob and afterwards drawn to the Island to fulfill their purpose. Another thing that for some reason bugs people on the net is that the producers are loosing time by having fillers like "What Kate Does", and especially criticized Juliet's death in the previous episode and Sawyer's reaction afterwards. Ironically, 2 years back people were complaining about Claire's week reaction to Charlie's death. Seeing as Sawyer underwent such a big change while with Juliet, and was with her for three years and was planning to propose to her, I wouldn't blame the producers if they had Sawyer grief Juliet's death for the whole season and not do anything else, as making the same mistake they did with Claire in S4 would've really ticked me off and would really make them appear as bad producers/writers/creators. Therefore, Sawyer go on cry your heart out, you still have your alt storyline to be as awesome as you want. And last but not least, the lack of answers. Just a quick one, I'm looking forward to the outcome of the plot a lot more than the revelation of some of the answers, except maybe who/what the MiB is? Ever since "The Incident, Part 1"'s opening sequence he seemed too important to forget.

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