It was fun at first, though now the writer's "we want to give you the season 1 feeling" took it's first victim my dear Ilana, in an as-Arzt-as-it-gets-type of death. I was surprised, unpleasantly as this is the third main character in a row I liked that got killed (fourth if you count Sayid). At least Daniel's had one of the best twists on the show and Juliet's were great moments (yes both of them, the one from LA X and the one from The Incident were great IMHO). Ilana's was just surprising and a bit anti-climatic, especially when take in the account the fact that she was actually going to probably say a lot of important things about both the candidates and the MiB. It kinda wrecked my whole episode personally :/, which on a second thought was a great episode even though Ilana's Artz-and-Frogurt-esque death was really disappointing (kill Claire for goodness sake, she's not the Claire I knew :P). So my final farewell to Ilana and Zuleikha Robinson... a TV character, a part of an epic Ben episode and an underrated yet somewhat hot actress.

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