Just a quick question I asked on a previous blog post but am asking as many more have appeared since then "Which previous main and recurring characters to you want to see in alt?". Here's a list of the ones we haven't seen yet, feel free to choose the ones you want to see in alt and the ones you think are most likely to appear (I've bolded the ones I want to see in alt and italiced the ones I expect to appear the most):

  • Shannon Rutherford
  • Daniel Faraday
  • Ana Lucia Cortez
  • Libby Smith
  • Eko
  • Paulo
  • Nikki Fernandez
  • Richard Alpert
  • Ilana
  • Frank Lapidus
  • Michael Dawson
  • Walt Lloyd
  • Naomi Dorrit
  • George Minkowski
  • Bram
  • Danielle Rousseau
  • Pierre Chang
  • Carmen Reyes
  • Diane Janssen
  • Danny Pickett
  • Horace Goodspeed
  • Penny Hume
  • Charles Widmore
  • Eloise Hawking
  • Stuart Radzinsky
  • Phil
  • Zach and Emma
  • Tom Friendly
  • Goodwin Stanhope
  • Sarah Shephard
  • Karl Martin

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