Warning, some spoilers ahead, though not ones you can't find on other articles on Lostpedia

  • 1. Chronology of the stations
  • 2. Numbers
      1. The numbers of the stations have nothing to do with the stations' chronology, as Stations 4 and 5 were built prior to Station 3, which means that the numbers refer to the order of which the orientation films were filmed.
      2. The numbers are as follows
      • The Swan - 3
      • The Pearl - 5
      • The Orchid - 6
      • The Arrow - 2
      • The Flame - 4
      • The Hydra - 1
  • 3. Pierre Chang's chronology
      1. Films the Arrow film (station 2) in 1977, and loses his arm few days later.
      2. Films the Swan film (station 3) in 1980.
      3. Films the Pearl film (station 5) post 1980, though without the prosthetic arm (a continuity error :S)
      4. Uses aliases in the Arrow, Swan, Pearl, Flame and Orchid films, but not in the Hydra film in which he specifies that he will use some in the future


  • The Hydra film was filmed before 1977, making the Hydra - Station 1.
  • The Arrow film started filming in 1977, and since the the Arrow is station 2 and the Swan's film is from 1980, we can positively conclude that the Arrow's film was filmed sometime between 1977 and 1980.
  • The Swan film was filmed in 1980, followed by the Flame and Arrow videos, and the Orchid film.
  • The Lamp Post didn't get an orientation film as it didn't feature constant change of residents, since it was only used once to locate the Island and afterwards delivered the coordinates to DHARMA HQ for the Galaga.
  • The Tempest didn't get an orientation film most likely because people thought it was the electrical station and only highly trained personnel in the circle of trust who didn't need an orientation film, knew its true purpose and worked there.
  • The only reason I can think of why didn't the Staff and the Looking Glass get films is because professional medical personnel and technicians as opposed to random recruits, worked there.

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