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    Warning, some spoilers ahead, though not ones you can't find on other articles on Lostpedia

    • 1. Chronology of the stations
        1. The Lamp Post was the first station built
        2. The Arrow and The Staff were built by 1973 (though the frequent use of the submarine points to the fact that the Looking Glass and the Flame were built prior to 1973 as well)
        3. The Looking Glass, The Pearl, The Flame and The Hydra were built by 1977
        4. By 1977, The Orchid was being finished and the construction of The Swan was being started
    • 2. Numbers
        1. The numbers of the stations have nothing to do with the stations' chronology, as Stations 4 and 5 were built prior to Station 3, which means that the numbers refer to the order of which the orientation films were filmed.
        2. The numbers are as…

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    The final farewell...

    May 22, 2010 by Orhan94
    In a day and several hours the greatest journey in the history of TV will end. Something I thought was so far back when I Season 3 ended, a statement I came to regret as "The End" was getting closer, as it appeared that only few weeks had passed between the "WTF They actually leave the Island" moment and the "WTF Sun, Jin and Sayid in one episode! REALLY!?" moment.
    I can still remember the first time I watched Lost, it was a Sunday in 2006 in which I watched "Pilot, Part 2" and I liked it, though a week later when I watched "Walkabout" I got hooked, I loved the wheelchair twist, the mysterious guy Jack was seeing in the distance and the character of Locke, who went on to amaze me for the past 5 years. It was then that my obsession with the …
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    • David's mother - Seems to much effort in keeping her identity secret for something is not going to be addressed
    • Island submergence, The relationship between orig and alt - Too recent and too important to the plot not to be answered
    • Outrigger chase - I foresee several outrigger journeys, making the answer to this mystery really easy to include in the story
    • Ajira massacre - Ir seems that Widmore is still alive, as well as Zoe, so either a confession or a confrontation with MiB can address it
    • Widmore's return - Sayid sending Jack to Desmond all but confirms that will get an answer to why did Widmore bring Desmond back
    • What mysteries do you think will also be definitely answered and which mysteries do you think will never get an answer?
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    RIP Ilana

    April 14, 2010 by Orhan94

    It was fun at first, though now the writer's "we want to give you the season 1 feeling" took it's first victim my dear Ilana, in an as-Arzt-as-it-gets-type of death. I was surprised, unpleasantly as this is the third main character in a row I liked that got killed (fourth if you count Sayid). At least Daniel's had one of the best twists on the show and Juliet's were great moments (yes both of them, the one from LA X and the one from The Incident were great IMHO). Ilana's was just surprising and a bit anti-climatic, especially when take in the account the fact that she was actually going to probably say a lot of important things about both the candidates and the MiB. It kinda wrecked my whole episode personally :/, which on a second thought…

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    • Last night we revisited the Long Beach Marina and the stadium where Jack and Des met. In "The Package" we saw Sun's garden again, while throughout Season 6 we saw the caves, The Black Rock, Hydra Island, The Hydra, The Hatch, The Temple Wall, Boone Hill (a.k.a. The Graveyard), Eko's church, the Barracks as well as St. Sebastian Hospital, LAX and Locke's box company. Basically, the writers aren't returning just ex-characters, they're returning to old filming locations for some memorable and interesting locations from past seasons. My question is:
    • Which location do you think we will see again on the show?
      • Which on-island locations have the predispositions to be the Island's "memory lanes" in the remaining episodes? (the tiger pit and the golf …
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