This is the only thing that is annoying me about the show. When introduced to these characters in season 4 one assumed that Faraday was the oldest and Charlotte was the youngest, but now we find out that Charlotte is almost 6 years older than Faraday? Another inconsistency, is during the time jumps, Miles nosebleed occured before Juliet's suggesting he had been on the island longer. As we have seen he was a baby when he left. This could have been averted two ways. 1.)He has his nosebleed after Juliet. 2.) He was born around 74...........and was 3 years old when he left the island. Faraday could of been wrong, and the order could of been who had exposure to the inland first. (If Faraday was born on the island, than maybe he was exempt because he left when he was less than a week old.) Faraday as the youngest? I understand that he is a genius but to think he was only 19 to 21 when desmond visited him at Oxford?? I understand a lot of people were wondering why Eloise was still on the island in 77, but it could of been simply that she left Faraday in the custody of his "father" Mr. Faraday. Something happened, as in Faraday Senior died or whatever, that made Eloise leave to take care of him. They did not have to make it so he was born afterwards..... but I guess it works... barely. The final was kickass, though. I really wish they did not kill Faraday off. But if anyone could shed some light on this, it would be great.

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