This is a continuation of the blog below. I like this theory. here are some random examples of a character seeing a person who they had wronged. 1) Juliet. Remember how Harper appeared out of now where to Juliet and Jack in the Jungle? We all know that Juliet wronged Harper. (Yes, I know, Harper may not be dead, but Juliet was sure surprised to see her) 2)Ben- When as a boy, he saw his mom. Young ben was always told by his dad (nice fellow he is) that Ben killed his mother, and therefore Young Ben would believe he wronged his mother. 3) Michael seeing Libby on the Boat. (If the island can stop a bullet in manhattan, smokey can do his impersonation thing on a boat a few miles off shore) 4) Jack seeing Christian several times. 5) Ecko- Yemi 6) Kate (this is audio) hearing Wayne speak through Sawyer Can anyone else come up with other examples? 7) Hurley seeing Charley at the nuthouse. (Yes, I know he is nuts and sees people who are not there, but perhaps Hurley felt he wronged Charley by not going with him, after all there is a reason Hurley was carrying a guitar case on 316)

I am not throwing in Walt sightings, b/c Walt is "special"

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